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Jerusalem, Pin-hole at upper right corner. Exhibition was arranged by: Jacob Peremen and Joseph Konstantinovsky. List of more than exhibited works. Lot of twelve documents, various sizes and conditions. Instructions for the Reception Ceremony in Honor of Winston Churchill on Mount Scopus, A typewritten and stenciled document with instructions for schools and teachers participating in the reception ceremony in honor of Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill during his visit to the Hebrew University.

HaTikva and the British national anthem were sung by the "Institute for the Blind. Stains, creases, filing-holes. Tel Aviv: I. Nachtigal Printing Press, [late s or early 40s]. An impressive illustration on the upper part of the poster signed "D. Folded in half. Invitation no. Invitation, no. Size varies, good condition. Photographs of Architectural Plans by Richard Kaufman Thirty-four photographs of architectural plans and illustrations by the architect Richard Kaufman, of projects that he worked on in the s.

Some of the drawings and plans are by the architect Maximilian Romanov. Richard Kaufman was a Jewish architect and city-planner of German origin. Made aliya to Eretz Israel in Considered one of the most influential architects in the history of construction in Israel. Size varies, 13x8cm to 27x Three Booklets of Illustrations and Caricatures 38 1. Events in Eretz Israel — telegrams and news in illustrations by Nachum Guttman.

Illustrations following the Tarpat Events pogroms. Accompanying inscriptions by N. Brussels: HaChayal, [].

Jerusalem-Tel Aviv: Letzte Neis, File holes. Various sizes, good condition. Henrico Hottingero. Heidelberg, Hebrew, Latin and some Arabic. The book deals with tombs of the righteous in Eretz Israel and includes four etching-plates. In one of the plates, tombs and tomb-stones are seen annotated in Hebrew; in the three other plates appear ancient Jewish coins.

Detached leaves, stains and several tears. Antique leather binding, worn and torn. Nussbaum, Rabbi Moshe. Sha'arei Yerushalayim. Lemberg, Fourth edition. Mohr, Rabbi Avraham Menachem Mendel. Mevasseret Zion. Haparchi, Rabbi Eshtori. Kaftor Vaperach, about Eretz Israel in the Halacha, and a description of the holy sites. By Rabbi Avraham Moshe Lunz. Volumes I-II. Morison, Antonie. Toul, northeast France or Paris, Description of Morison's pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The journey started in Egypt inits second part is dedicated to the Holy Land and Jewish life in Jerusalem.

The third part is dedicated to Asia Minor, Constantinople and its vicinity. Portrait and map are missing in this copy. Fair- Size varies, fair-good condition.

Stains, mainly to first and last leaves. Inscriptions on title-page and an ancient restoration of text omission. Detached leaves and sheets. Antique binding with leather spine, detached and worn. Paris: Pierre Bienfait, Third edition. Doubdan presents in his book important facts about the situation in Eretz Israel and describes Jewish life in the country and in Jerusalem.

This copy includes one etchingplate, folded, with three maps: the Holy Land, Jerusalem, the Mediterranean basin. Numerous stains. Minor moth-damages at inner margins. Original leather binding, somewhat worn. Includes useful information, the history of Eretz Israel starting from the days of the First Temple destructionrecommended routes and advertisements for hotels, schools and other institutions.

Several detached leaves, one leaf torn and missing, stains. Torn binding, partly detached. HaMisdrona, "Kuntress Hakatuv la-chaim". Frankfurt am Main and Jerusalem, []. A dozen issues of the first year in an elaborate volume, binding made of olive-wood and leather, with a personal dedication by the editor on the front, from The booklets were bound consecutively, with no title-pages only title-page is of the first issue.

Issues were printed in Frankfurt am Main, the other issues were printed in Jerusalem. The journal was printed irregularly.

Its publication ceased inwhen the editor moved to Constantinople. Reading "HaMisdrona" was prohibited — see "HaLevanon", London 20th year, issue number 8, page Indices at the end of the volume. Halevy Volume Damages at borders of binding and to spine. Musil started his studies in the Dominican Biblical School in Jerusalem after its opening inbut left the institute after 14 months and started his journeys in the Middle East and the Arab world.

He toured the Negev in and later published a detailed mapping of the area, as well as reports and photographs that served for many years as references regarding the Negev. After the war, inhe was appointed professor by Karl University in Prague.

In cooperation with the American industrialist Charles Richard Crane, Musil published his works in English in the s. Presented here are three volumes of this edition, published by the American Geographical Society, Oriental Explorations and Studies: No. New-York, An original set of maps is included, "Musil: Map of Northern Arabia", which consists of four maps.

Good to very good condition, ink stamps and ownership inscriptions. Conderm R. Kitchener, R. The Committee of The Palestine Exploration Fund dealt with professional mapping of Eretz Israel and for the first time produced exact maps in the s.

The comprehensive survey was done by a group of surveyors of the Ordinance Survey. The whole survey and especially the maps are of great value because of their uncompromising preciseness and the wealth of information they convey about the state of Eretz Israel in the second half of the 19th century.

Presented here are eight volumes: 1. Volume I — Galilee 2. Volume II — Samaria 3. Volume III — Judaea 4. Jerusalem, by Warren and Conder 5. The Arabic and English Name Lists 7. The Fauna and Flora of Palestine, by H. Tristram 8. Conder and H. During the Years All the volumes are from a Special Edition, are numbered and signed by the chairman of the operating committee. Few stains and minor tears to map margins.

In frame Land,p. Halle: Johann Simonis, Halle, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Ethiopian and Greek. Frontispiece etching of a map of Eretz Israel, marked with important Biblical sites, mountains, cities, and the division of the twelve tribes, in Hebrew. Decorated with grapevines and grapes symbolizing the fertility of the country, andframed in an elaborate frame. Cartographer not mentioned. One of the earliest and most important maps of Eretz Israel printed with Hebrew writing prior to the 19th century.

The map was inspired by the verses from the Book of Psalms referring to planting grapevines in Eretz Israel. On the grape leaves appear the names of Kings, Prophets and other outstanding biblical figures.

The name "Israel" appears on the vine. The map is oriented to the north and its northern borders are Lebanon and Mount Hermon. In the south the map reaches the estate of the tribe of Yehuda, the city of Hebron and the Dead Sea.

In the west, "the Big Sea" with several vessels, and in the east — Trans-Jordan. The cities are geographically located incorrectly, for example Be'er Sheba is located north-west of Jerusalem. Bound with: Onomasticum Novi Testamenti Halle, Wajntraub — Hebrew Maps of the Holy Land,p.

Laor The book — Map and book in good condition. Some stains on the map. Original parchment binding. Gesicht in Jerusalem — Solomon's Temple the Temple. Jerusalem — the Old City and its surroundings. Both engravings Fair-good condition, stains at borders. Minor tears, pinholes at borders. Jacques Peeters. Venice,Daniel Bomberg Printing Press]. Simple map, illustrated mainly with straight lines, squares and rectangles. Leaf Tears and losses, moth damages.

Taped with low-quality tape. Wajntraub, map no. Probably the first printed Hebrew map. Salzman visited Eretz Israel twice: once in and again in These are two photographs from his second visit to Eretz Israel.

Apart from their scientific importance, Salzman's photographs of Jerusalem are beautifully impressive. Only a few photographs from that early time in the history of photography have such visual and emotional force. His photographs reach way beyond the subject of the lens, and they express the core of Jerusalem's holiness.

The photographs demonstrate the connection that Salzman felt to the ancient stones and sites that he photographed, and the awe he had towards what in his eyes represented the history of man. France, []. Salt print. Attached to paper with description of photograph and details of printer, Tears and light creases to paper margins. All are signed on the plate except for two. All are mounted on cardboard with short handwritten annotations.

Average size 24x19cm, mounted on cardboard 43x Stains and minor damages to borders of cardboard. Salt prints. Attached to paper with description of photograph and details of printer. Tears and slight creases to paper margins. Photograph slightly faded. Eleven are not signed on the plate. All the photographs are mounted on cardboard with a short handwritten annotation. Seven are signed in the plate; not annotated. Average size Damages to borders of cardboards.

Minor stains and damages to borders of cardboards. General View of Jerusalem Panorama of Jerusalem View of Jerusalem from Mount Scopus.

Panorama De Jerusalem [Panorama of Jerusalem]. Photograph of Jerusalem taken from Mount of Olives, annotated on the plate, not signed. Mounted on cardboard, on the reverse the photograph "Panorama du Canal de Suez" is pasted — Panorama of the Suez Canal, also from late 19th century. Signed on the plate.

Stains at borders of cardboard. Creases, stains and tears at edges of cardboard. Vienna, early 20th century. Signed on the reverse Lichtbildstelle, Wien, and numbered Six photographs from Eretz Israel, [late 19th century].

Personal photographs which depict sites and views from unconventional vantage points: Schneller Orphanage in Jerusalem adorned with flags; tent adorned with identical flags; children bathing in a pool, and more.

Apparently, photographed by a German photographer while visiting Eretz Israel. Annotated and signed on the plate. Two or three photographs were taken in Egypt. Annotated on the plate, not signed. Some of the photographs are somewhat faded.

Unknown photographer. Eretz Israel, [s]. Every photograph is pasted on a separate paper; all the photographs are described on a printed label pasted on the paper: Safed, Haifa, a house in Chulda, Kiryat Anavim, the Mekor Baruch neighborhood of Jerusalem, the train station in Kfar Baruch, school for young women in Nahalal, women workers' farm in the Borochov neighborhood, beehives in Ein Charod, grape harvest in Rishon LeZion, Wadi Fo'ara Gedura RiverMrs.

Mond planting a tree in the Balfour Forest, Mrs. Average size 16x11cm. Some album leaves are empty; several photographs are missing. Album South Africa? Family photographs and personal photographs, probably of a member of the HaBonim movement in South Africa. The owner participated in the second Maccabia in Tel Aviv in The opening ceremony is depicted in one of the photographs.

Additional photographs feature youth movement members in Tel Aviv, during sports activities and trips around the country. Album 22x15cm, good condition. Photographs in good condition, some are detached from album sheets. Total of photographs. Keren HaYesod, [c. One slide broken on upper section. Construction Workers in Tel Aviv, s Sixteen photographs of construction workers. Tel Aviv and Zrifin, s. Impressive photographs of construction workers: excavation of stones, loading camels, preparing cement, and more.

Amongst them: Photographs by "H. Tabachnik Tavori. One photograph is annotated on the reverse "Zrifin". All are divided on the back for use as a postcard. Good condition, varies. Stains, some have two cut corners. Tel Aviv, April, Divided on the reverse for use as a postcard, 14x9cm. One torn and pasted with adhesive tape. Stains, ownership ink- stamps. Photograph of a group of pupils with a flag on a rowboat sailing in the Yarkon river. Photograph of a multi-participants parade.

Both photographs are divided on the reverse for use as a postcard, annotated in pen later annotation. Ownership ink stamps. Minor stains. The photograph shows the building after its expansion in Kalter, was one of the most important modern architecture photographers in Israel, who mainly worked for architects and various publications. Sixty-three black and white photographs, by photographer Adelbert Bartlett. Eretz Israel and its Surroundings, ca.

His work in the Middle East on behalf of this fund yielded the photograph collection presented here. All photographs are signed on the reverse or ink-stamped by the photographer, annotated in pencil, some in great detail, in print. Fair-good to very good condition. Tears at borders of some photographs.

The University of California in Los Angeles maintains a significant part of the photographer's archive. Shweig, Art-Photographer, Jerusalem. Jerusalem: Azriel Printing Press, [s]. A dozen plates with printed photographs by Shweig Each plate is annotated in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Bound in a folder titled "Jerusalem" in Hebrew, English and Arabic and hand-painted. Stains to folder. Minor foxing-marks. Photographs of a Trip to Jerusalem, s Three photographs documenting a group trip to Jerusalem and its surroundings, [s].

The guide may possibly have been Ze'ev Vilnay. In one photograph the Mount of Olives is seen from the direction of the Old City. One is annotated by hand "Trip to Jerusalem. In the mountains. Right corners are cut.

Stains at borders. Berlin: Hugo Schildberger, Small photograph-booklet, of the Berliner Gewerbe-Ausstellung — industry fair that took place in Berlin in Minor damages to cover.

Handwritten description on back of photograph. De Haanlawyer, journalist and poet, native of Netherlands. Zionist activist who became religious, immigrated to Eretz Israel and joined the circles of the Eidah HaCharedit in Jerusalem. His murder is considered the first political murder in Eretz Israel.

Divided like a postcard. Good condition, wear and tear to margins. Group photograph of Hanita settlers with Prof. Handwritten annotation: "Establishment and conquest of Hanita, ". Stains, pasted tears, creases. Mounted on cardboard Two photographs of Prof. Chaim Weizmann, one annotated by hand: "Mishmar HaEmek ". Mounted on black photo-album card, glue-marks. Jerusalem s. The photographer's name is embossed on the cardboard, at the borders of the photograph.

Tears and stains at borders of cardboard. Jerusalem — Two Photographs Two black and white photographs of Jerusalem. Annotated in German. Divided on the reverse for use as a postcard. One-hundred and thirty-four black and white photographs arranged in an album bound in an olive-wood binding decorated with a camel caravan and the caption "Jerusalem".

Some are souvenir photographs purchased in Eretz Israel and others are photographs taken by the soldier around the country, in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and various archaeological and religious sites. Most photographs 9x6. Album 25x Binding somewhat worn. The first volume features photographs, and the second - photographs. Next to each photograph appears a relevant citation from the Bible, Talmud or Koran. One thousand copies printed. No jackets. Walter Zadek — Four Large Photographs Ink stamped on the reverse "Copyright by Dr.

Walter Zadekfour large photographs: Black smoke rising above a building. Ink stamped by the photographer on the reverse. Signed in pencil by the photographer on the reverse. Size: An impressive cooperation between two artists-photographers, among the prominent photographers in Eretz Israel prior to A focused and precise portrait of Lerski's head, photographed by Zadek in the expressive style characteristic of portraits photographed by Lerski himself with a strong contrast and unique light and shade composition.

Hand-signed on the reverse by the photographer, in pencil. Several stains on the reverse. Tel Aviv, [s]. Ink stamped on the reverse, "Photographer Weissenstein. Creases at borders, minor tears and glue remnants on the reverse. Ink-stamped on the reverse with Weissenstein's photography studio stamp "Zalmania Pri-Or". Average size 18x Marli Shamir — Ben-Gurion University Theatre Actors Marli Shamir b.

Signed on the reverse with photographer's ink-stamp: "Photo: Marli Shamir, Israel". Very good condi- Eight photographs of HaBima and Cameri theatre actors. Eretz Israel, [late s]. One photograph ink stamped on the reverse "Yitzchak Braz, Tel Aviv".

Handwritten comments on the reverse of two photographs. Photographer J. Photograph mounted on cardboard with photographer's name on the front, on the reverse appears a Magen David and the word "Zion" and the caption "Artistic Photography, J. Early 20th century. Good condition, damages to borders of the mount. Postcard-like photograph, on the reverse appears an ink stamp of the photographer "J.

We could find no information about the photographer in literature about Eretz Israel photography. Photographs of Eretz Israel for Display Seven black and white photographs of Eretz Israel, enlarged and mounted on cardboard, for hanging on the wall or for display on a table.

Eretz Israel [s]. On the reverse appear a manufacturer's label "S. Neuman printing, Tel Aviv" and a label "Made in Israel". Three 32x20cm, four Good condition, some are damaged at corners and edges. Ben-Dov, Jerusalem. The head of Herut movement, Menachen Begin appears in most of the photographs.

A scroll with signatures of all the leading figures of the movement appears in one of the photographs. The scroll details the aims of the building, named after Ze'ev Jabotinsky. Attached are seven black and white photographs of "Shikun Sela", Herut movement, September Good condition, mounted on paper leaves. Four photographs are detached, remnants of glue on the reverse. Size varies, 8x8cm to Good to very good condition. Mounted on album leaves not bound.

Some of the photographs are annotated in pencil or in pen on the cardboard leaves, in French. Tel Aviv: "Yavne", Twenty two good quality linocuts, some in color. Dedication handwritten by Vorobeichic, to Talpir family. Very good condition, stains. Black and white photographs of various sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, with dried flowers from Eretz Israel. English and French. No manufacturer's name. Stains, tears on the paper sheets separating the album leaves. The reverse are two group photographs of "Young Mizrachi members gathered in Vilnius during the German conquest in - ".

Photograph of the victims somewhat faded. Cardboard stained. Reverse divided for use as postcards. Vilnius, [probably second half of the s].

On the reverse are ink stamps "Old-Aged Home, Vilnius" and handwritten inscriptions, with the names of the photographed, their ages, and addresses of their relatives in America possibly for donation purposes. All are annotated, some of them on the plate and others in handwriting on the reverse: Regional Conference of Ze'irey Zion, Vilnius, Average size 17x11cm.

Approximately 9x11cm, possibly printed a bit later. Good condition, creases. Condition varies, fair-good. Professional Photographs by Zikmund Reach — Cemetery in Prague Eight photographs by Czech photographer Zikmund Reachsigned on the reverse with photographer's ink-stamp and annotated: Statue of the Maharal of Prague; Old Synagogue in Prague; street in Prague; tombstones and important graves in the Prague Jewish cemetery five photographs.

New York, [? Good condi- Photo Album — Germany, black and white photographs, in an album. Germany, A varied photo album. Includes personal and family photographs alongside photographs of the synagogue and the Jewish cemetery in Bruchsal, a passageway and tomb-stones in the Jewish cemetery in Worms; summer camp, trips and camping [probably of "Kadima" youth movement members — attached is a handwritten letter on the movement stationery, "HaShomer" booklet of April and a stenciled leaflet].

Photographs 8. Damages to corners of cardboard. Zeppelin over Jerusalem — Photographs of Cigarette Cards from Germany Zeppelin-Weltfahrten, photographs of Zeppelin German in his travels throughout the world, enclosed in cigarette packages. Beginning of the s. A leaf is pasted on the back with the address of the photographer M. Reuben in Bombay, confirming the use of this photograph in a photography competition "Jews in Asia.

Two corners damaged. Europe and the USA, mid 19th century until s. Some are annotated by hand on the reverse, and include Jewish names. Romania, Twenty three black and white photographs of "Dror HaBonim" youth movement members. On the first leaf, a printed leaf was pasted with a photograph of the camp and the caption "Moshevet Lahavot HeAtid, Dror HaBonim, ".

The great Muscovite synagogue was open during the Communist era under the spying eyes of KGB secret agents. Few Jews were granted permission to pray there, especially elders, and this too only as a lip service which the Soviets paid to the world.

The Yeshiva included ten young men, most of whom were natives of Caucasus. The photographs depict Rabbi Shlomo Shleifer, rabbi of Moscow, who passed away two months later, and Rabbi Yehudah Leib Levine, who replaced him and served as rabbi of Moscow for may years. A sheet of paper [worn] with captions in Hebrew and Russian is mounted on the album binding. The photographs document the big cities, hotels, roads and modern streets side by side remote settlements and rural inhabitants, craftsmen and workers doing various traditional works.

Ninety three of the photographs are in color. Size varies, Three leather albums The photographs show stands where women sold products made in Israel during the conference: clothes, embroidery works, ceramic jars and other objects, dolls, etc. Also, public figures are seen delivering speeches. Attached is an invitation to the event German. Photographs Zionist Conventions and Events in Belgium — ss Nine photographs of Zionist conventions and events in Belgium, Eretz Israel and Iran, s until In some of the photographs, soldiers during the War of Independence are seen in armored vehicles or with Arab population.

Szczecin [late s]. All are annotated by hand on the reverse and are divided for use as a postcard. The collection contains postcards printed by the best publishers and printers who dealt with printing and distributing postcards in Eretz Israel, postcards printed abroad and Real-Photos, beginning with the s and s until the 60s and 70s. Most of the postcards are from the second half of the 20th century.

The collection reflects the development of the first Hebrew city through graphical images on the postcards, some of which throughout the years have become symbols of the city or rare documentation of historic structures and events which no longer exist.

For many years, a private collector collected the postcards making an extensive and varied collection. Edited by the photographer Nahman Bahloul, Tiberias. Twenty-eight colorful postcards of views of Tiberias and the Galilee, in an original folder published by Nahman Bahloulphotographer born in Tiberias, owner of a shop where souvenirs for tourists and his photographs were sold, in particular as printed postcards.

Bahloul photographed mainly landscape views of the Tiberias region, the Sea of Galilee and of the settlements in the area. Ceased taking photographs in the mid s. Folder 15x8. Postcardfolder, [s]. Numbered consecutively One postcard damaged and re- Very good condition.

Cover somewhat faded. Minor stains and damages to cover. Jerusalem: "Tmuna", On the reverse of the envelope are printed the emblem of the Maccabiah and the writing "Second Maccabiah". Tears to envelope. Stains to promotional leaf. Not separated. Average size 22x Varying condition, foxing.

Thirty-five postcards are included in the album: Sixteen postcards printed by Ya'akov Ben-Dov, of black and white photographs of Tel Aviv and other sites in Israel, surrounded by a yellow border, "Tozeret HaAretz"; Ramla postcard, printed by Y. Ben-Dov in Bezalel Yerushalem card no. Minor tears to some album leaves. Series no. All of the postcards are annotated in Hebrew and German and numbered on the reverse "M73".

Postcards are detached or partly detached, in very good condition. Cover of folder in good condition. Some of the greaseproof leaves are creased. Mailed, good condition. Printed manifest, listing the hospitals and the discounts granted by doctors, pharmacies, eye-doctors etc.

On the front appears a group photograph of the orphans and a text in Hebrew and in German. On the reverse appears the list of the supporters of the institute and the address of the recipient in Vienna. The postal stamp was removed, the postmark damaged. Minor stains and creases. Real Photo Cards and a Postcard of Herzl 1. Group photograph, "Agudat Mizrachi". No venue mentioned, [ca. Group photograph, "Cheder for Talmudic studies 'HaMizrachi'".

Proszowice, Poland, Handwritten dedication on the back. Printed postcard, Dr. Theodor Herzl the Congress Portrait. Vienna-New-York, Renaissance, ca. Caricatures about Circumcision Eleven postcards and a small mirror with the theme of circumcision Brit Mila. USA, Tunisia and Algiers, all with captions on the topic.

Two cards are not divided on the reverse for use as postcards. Condition varies, good to very good. One card signed with ink-stamp of photographer H. Aroshkes" [Zvi Oron]. Photographs are disturbing. Real-photo cards, Jewish postcards printed in Jerusalem and other places in the world, including regular postcards, sent to Haifa from various places in Europe, greetings and New Year cards, and more.

Various Ephraim Moshe Lilien Postcards printed by B. Harz, Berlin, with illustrations by Ephraim Moshe Lilien: Real-Photo postcard "Captain Joseph Trumpeldor". Slight damages at borders. The original certificate was handed…to the commissioner of Beitar Mr. Eri Jabotinsky. We hereby present to you a photocopy of this certificate. Printed in Milano, Italy [s]. Maximum comfort. The vessels "Jerusalem" and "Pilsna" ". Several foxing-marks.

Postcards with Original Linocuts Nine postcards with linocuts, with illustrations of figures, animals, the Tribe of Gad emblem, a plane in the sky, and more. Printed from the original plates, in black and white. Good condition, minor stains. Six Lullabies — Leibo Levin — Chernowitz, Chernowitz: Hersh Segal, Tunes by Levin for poems by A.

Manger, A. Reizen, H. Leivik, M. Halperin and Nachum Yud, with drawings by Izio Sharp. The words for every poem are accompanied by pictures and his notes, printed on separate cards, resembling postcards.

In original paper wrapping. Six boards printed in black and white, with photographs of postcards, printed as souvenirs from Eretz Israel at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century. Few tears and stains. Boards 39x Stains and tears at borders. Jerusalem, JNF Publishing. Original envelope. On the bottom: "Shana Tova, wishing…. Germany and U. A, [early 20th century and the s]. Amongst them, greetings that unfold and include printed greetings in English and in Yiddish, greetings with children's illustration in an unsophisticated style and various greetings decorated with flowers.

Printed in the United States, early 20th century. Some feature various Jewish occasions or biblical scenes and others show Zionist themes: the figures of Herzl, Nordau and Mandelstahm; "Bat Zion" holding a flag; arrival of Jews in America, and more. Size varies, good to very good condition. Leaves are folded in half, embossed illustrations on the front, decorated with gold.

Greeting is in Hebrew and English. Colored cut-out drawings were pasted onto all the leaves like a Jew holding the Torah, flowers, girl holding a "Shana Tova" flag and so on. Collection of "Scraps" Thirty seven "scraps". Germany, [early 20th century and s]. Size varies, condition varies, fair-good to very good.

Jerusalem, July 22, British soldiers are seen surrounding the rubble, as well as an overall view of the hotel with the ruined wing. Included is an additional photograph of the hotel, prior to the explosion. Four photographs 12x9cm, good condition, stains mainly on the reverse ; photograph 9x6.

The memoranda include information about the situation of the Jewish Yishuv in Israel and the relations between Jews and Arabs. A folder contains the memoranda and petitions submitted to the committee by Y. Magnes, Martin Buber and Moshe Smilansky. All typewritten and stenciled. Tears and creases at borders of folder. The British can't take it, the truth hurts. Proclamation issued by the Palestine Resistance Fund. New York, []. The names of the Palestine Resistance Fund members appear at the end, amongst them the name of the artist Arthur Szyk.

Leaf 46cm. Folded in four. Minor tears. Jerusalem Rabbi Aryeh Levine the famous "Tzaddik of Jerusalem", incredible man of chessed, merited the name "father of prisoners" because during the British Mandate he used to walk every Shabbat to visit the prisoners in the British prisons to lift their spirits.

He was especially renowned for his consoling visits to the underground prisoners and those doomed for hanging. Booklet, typewritten and stenciled. Contains the movement regulations, its emblem, greeting, anthem, members' duties, special dates, etc. The movement was active during the years as a religious—Zionist youth movement. In addition to its educational activities the movement served as a source of operational manpower for Etzel, Lechi and later even the Haganah operations.

Bound in a cardboard cover for preservation, with a printed label on the front cover in fair condition. In the beginning ofLev Ami was handed over to the British and exiled to Africa where he took part in the large escape of 45 exiles from the internment camp in Eritrea, but was caught after three months and sent back to the camp.

The album contains 75 photographs, mostly family photographs, and 19 loose photographs. Approximately 30 photographs were taken in the internment camps in Kenya and Eritrea, which document various events of camp life: Chanukkah party, plays, photograph with people that visited the camp, etc.

Possibly, the wooden plate was made in one of the detention camps where Lev-Ami stayed. Album 35cm. Some issues in fair-poor condition. First proclamation printed by the Provisional Council; calling on all State residents to volunteer to protect the homeland and care for its benefit: "In the period of this primary test, during the enemy's attack, the Provisional Council takes the rule in its hands"; "We have been thrown into a cruel war. But we shall remember: Inside the borders of our State, the Arab citizens shall continue to live — and for many of them this war is unwelcome.

Their rights, equal citizen rights, we are commanded to fulfill. Yet, coordination and organization were lacking and the Arab armies were often at odds with each other, seeking to incorporate territory from Palestine into their own states.

Despite their small numbers, the Jews were well-organized, well-disciplined and well-trained. The war was marked by long periods of fighting and temporary cease-fires. Finally, fighting officially ended in Januaryat which time Israel held the 5, square miles allotted to it by the UN partition plan plus an addition 2, square miles.

From January to Julyarmistice agreements were signed with Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria based on the frontlines as they were at the end of the fighting. These lines created the borders of the new state and as a result, Israel gained control of the areas which would have been part of the Arab state envisioned by the UN had the Arab world not gone to war with Israel.

At the time, Israel hoped that the armistice agreements would lead to official Arab-Israeli peace treaties. They continued their economic, political, social and cultural boycott of the Jewish state which was instituted by the Arab League in The Arab economic boycott of Israel prohibited Arab peoples, companies and states from conducting business both with Israel and with other companies who do business with Israel.

They also embarked on a campaign to isolate the Jewish state in the international community. Some Arab leaders attempted secret negotiations with Israel, Album). Tragically, some of them were murdered, including King Abdullah of Jordan who was assassinated in Jerusalem in The Arab states provided little help to Palestinians who became refugees after the war.

Only Jordan offered Palestinian Arabs citizenship. Refugee camps were set up and maintained primarily by the United Nations and other international relief organizations.

This is a story of intrigue among rival empires; of misguided strategies; and of how conflicting promises to Arab and Jew created a legacy of bloodshed which determined the fate of the Middle East. Dozens of Palestinian students at a West Bank university have mobbed a British diplomat and attacked his car in a bid to prevent him from speaking on campus.

Britain issued the Balfour Declaration inasserting British support for the creation of a Jewish state in the Middle East. Campus security guards shielded Fean from several dozen protesters as the diplomat, maintaining a slight smile, made his way to his car before being driven off.

Jonathan Schneer talks about the Balfour Declaration, which split historic Palestine between the Israels and Palestinians and created one of the longest running conflicts in modern history. This history lesson cover the time period from to present time and shines new light on the heart of the bloody conflict. Hendon United Synagogue, London. Short and to the point, guaranteed to fill your week with inspiration.

Remaz Abdelgader, one of the more than 1, students in the George Mason University auditorium, rose to ask a question about minorities in America, including Muslims like her. This is a very fortunate epithet in regards to taste in Chazanut and Chazanim. Whilst not everyone will agree that Moshe Kussevitsky was the finest Chazan who ever lived see above!

He was possessed of an outstanding, well-trained, tenor voice of extraordinay range and flexibility and an innate understanding of the art of Chazanut.

Moshe was born on June 9th at Smargon in Vilna, Lithuania and came from a background of Chazanut. Moshe was the oldest of the four brothers, with Jacob, Simcha and David and, as is well-known, they all went on to become famous Chazanim in their own right. Moshe began his career at the age of eight as an alto in the choir of Chazan Shlepak and as he grew up he toyed with the idea of becoming an artist or a sculptor.

He took the opportunity to study voice and music and throughout his life he always learned Torah. Being in such an illustrious job, his fame spread around Europe very rapidly and soon he was travelling to Brussels, Antwerp, Vienna and London to give concerts. During the second world war Moshe took his family to Russia and adopted the name Mikhail Kussevitsky.

While he was there he sang in the operas Boris Goudenov, Tosca and Rigoletto. When he returned to Poland he gave a concert at which the ambassadors of the United Kingdom and the United States were in the audience. As a result of this concert he obtained visas for both countries and came to England untilwhen he went to settle in America. Moshe continued to travel and concertise all over the world and there will probably be people reading this who will recall his appearance at the Royal Albert Hall, London, on 13th March Fortunately he also made numerous recordings and, even though they were produced on comparatively primitive equipment, it is still possible to appreciate the exceptional quality of his voice and his singing on those that have been re-recorded today.

Although he may have come from a family of cantors going back six generations, he seems to have been drawn to the stage and popular entertainment from an early age. Oysher joined a Canadian travelling Yiddish theatrical troupe in and moved to New York City in He was also a successful recording artist. Moishe Oysher was able to combine his passion for the Chazzanut with his love of performance, creating a crowd-pleasing style that thrilled audiences in synagogues and theaters.

This is my number one favourite chanuka song. See lyrics below. I remember Eating a latkah Drippin with so much oil When the latkah was in me The flames would be calling.

Sie hatten sofort ihren festen Platz in der marokkanischen Gesellschaft. Jahrhundert aus Andalusien, wo die Inquisition die ציור - Various - משירי מתי כספי (CD besonders grausam verfolgte. Juden aus Frankreich und Italien kamen im Naftuli Moster, a former student of a Borough Park yeshiva, says that many students over age 13 learn no English or math in school. In the past, yeshivas were able to focus mostly on Jewish studies because Jewish communities were insular.

Moster is behind a petition signed by 52 parents and former students, demanding that the Department of Education step in. The DOE says it is investigating whether any changes need to be made to the yeshiva system. In other countries like Belguim and Canada, the government has stepped in and successfully enforced secular education in yeshivas. Mount Fuji in Hillburn, NY. Music by Moshe Kestenbaum and Yanky Ketina. Available on double CD and DVD, this unbelievable production will keep you enteratained for 2 full hours.

Having received rave reviews, this production is a must-have for every Jewish music fan and is sure to be one of the most treasured additions to your CD or DVD collection. Martha Stewart prepares a traditional Hanukkah potato Latkes, which is pan fried until crispy and golden brown. Life got you down? You should be thinking about the miracle of light. This song and all Six13 songs are completely a cappella — created with nothing but the human voice.

The gun was on the waist of one of the two uniformed security guards accompanying Shalom Lamm, who may be the most hated man in the town of Mamakating. It owns an airport, a mountaintop tract slated for luxury homes and, most controversially, a development in the tiny village of Bloomingburg, within Mamakating, that could soon be home to thousands of Hasidic Jews. The fight over the Bloomingburg development has ballooned into a massive brawl over jobs, Jews and the rural identity of Sullivan County, where the town is located.

Voices have been raised. Lawsuits have been filed. Nasty words have been swapped. But until that night in January, no one had brought a gun to a planning board meeting. Lamm is a middle-aged man with a black yarmulke and a quick, gap-toothed grin. He never wears a coat, even in the depths of the Catskills winter. His father, former Yeshiva University president Norman Lamm, is one of the most respected figures in Modern Orthodoxy.

The Satmar Hasidic community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has taken an interest in the Bloomingburg development, which seems tailored specifically to their needs.

Today, Bloomingburg has a single stoplight and residents. Lamm has bought up much of the village: The three buildings down a cul-de-sac off Main Street belong to his firm, as does the empty hardware store, the closed cupcake cafe, and single-family homes up and down the block.

Teek Persaud, who owns a diner near the village and a house up on the ridge, is worried about what will happen when Lamm finishes building out the homes in 82 separate buildings on the snowy field on Winterton Road. That will not be there anymore. Forever my brother! Forever, my friend! The video is a collection of feeds from his funeral and pictures from the days following the murder. This video was created and shown in the memorial for the 16th Anniversary of his death in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Yitzhak Rabin 1 March — 4 November was an Israeli politician, statesman and general. He was the fifth Prime Minister of Israel, serving two terms in …. Yosef Rachimi, 19, and a fellow student were in front of a business, when police said a man who appeared to be intoxicated threw the Molotov cocktail at the two young men. The bottle, which may have contained alcohol, did burst about 3 feet away from the two students.

The contents combusted and started a small fire, the stain of which could still be seen on the sidewalk Monday. Rachimi and his friend were not hurt.

The fire was quickly put out by the business owner, while the man who threw it took off. The authorities were called in and are now looking at this as a possible hate crime. Rachimi is in New York for a year-long study. He blames the incident on reignited tension overseas between Israel and Palestine.

He said he remains undeterred by the violence. This incident happened just days before Mayor Bill de Blasio visits Israel, where a speech about stopping anti-Semitism is on his agenda. Traffic has opened up along 13th Avenue, but construction is still underway to repair the damage.

The explosion on Oct. Investigators initially suspected it resulted from a gas leak, but no official cause has been determined. The building where the explosion occurred has been completely demolished, and News 12 has learned that adjacent buildings may come down as well. The 2, women used 40 pounds of flour, 5 gallons of water and other ingredients to make the massive loaf measuring 20 feet by 16 inches.

It took more than an hour to bake. A representative from Guinness World Records Ltd. The communal challah is part of the Shabbos project, which aims to connect people and celebrate Jewish culture.

Young and helpless children, illness and confusion, Please no more Old and lonely people, hunger, war and evil, Please no more Now the time has come, everyone as one forever Let His kingdom rise again.

Enemies of ציור - Various - משירי מתי כספי (CD, hatred without reason, Please no more Weapons of destruction, terror and corruption. Please no more Now the time has come, return and stay this time forever Let His glory shine again. Since moving into its new, larger location in April, E. Jerusalem Garden is a family owned, local eatery featuring value, fresh ingredients and traditional family recipes since New location: E.

Liberty, Ann Arbor, MI Phone: Instead of cooking garbanzo beans for 1. Partially dissolving the skins also makes the hummus creamier. The next day, drain the chickpeas. Place a medium saucepan over high heat and add the drained chickpeas and baking soda. Cook for about three minutes, stirring constantly.

Next add the water and bring to a boil. Cook for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the freshness and the size. Skim off any foam that floats to the surface. When done your chickpeas should be very tender, breaking up easily when squeezed between your fingers, but not mushy.

Reserve a cup of their cooking liquid before you drain your peas. Place the chickpeas in a food processor and process until you get a smooth stiff paste. Slowly drizzle in the ice water and allow it to mix for about five minutes, until you get a very smooth and creamy paste.

Transfer the hummus to a bowl, cover the surface with plastic wrap, and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. Refrigerate until needed. Make sure to take it out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before serving. Next up on the menu… Hummus! Monsieur Bayrou ne sait plus comment attaquer …. Was versteht man unter dem Begriff Judentum? Sie hat eine Geschichte von mehreren Tausend Jahren, in denen sie sich entwickelt hat. Closed inthe cemetery quickly fell into deep neglect: in it was turned into a fortress by the Nazis and saw fierce fighting as evidenced by the eerie bullet holes in many of the ציור - Various - משירי מתי כספי (CD.

Preservation began in the s and in it was opened as the Museum of Jewish Cemetery Art in tribute to the craftsmanship of its sepulchral art. Indeed the beauty and diversity of styles and symbols on display is perhaps unmatched anywhere. Well worth a visit. In seinen Forschungsschwerpunkten Geschichte der Geschichtsschreibung und kulturelle und politische Geschichte des modernen Europa mit Schwerpunkt auf Deutschland im Jahrhundert hat er internationalen Ruf erlangt.

Zum After leaving the yeshiva world and Yiddishkeit as a young man, the year-old author has returned to Torah and mitzvahs. Ben-Artzi, the father of Sara Netanyahu, was born in Poland in and made aliya in when Yeshivas Novardok sent him to help start its Eretz Yisroel branch in Bnei Brak. A year later he left the yeshiva and went to work in agriculture, believing the task of building the state of Israel to be a foremost priority.

Later he joined the Irgun and the Hagana, eventually working as a teacher in secular schools. Two years after releasing a book about his recollections as a student at Yeshivas Novardok, Ben-Artzi has now published a second book called Bein Yotzro Leyitzro, currently available only in Hebrew, which traces his early years in Eretz Yisroel and delves into the inner turmoil of the yeshiva bochurs of his generation.

What emerges from the film isa unique glimpse of an exceptional Jewish soldier — a poet, intellectual, idealist and fighter. This video was edited and complied by Edward F. Artists Rick and Laura Brown inspire an international team to reconstruct one of the magnificent wooden synagogues of Poland, the last of which were destroyed by Nazis during World War II.

As over students and artisans work with period hand tools to build the complex log structure and paint the brilliantly colored ceiling, they discover a little-known period of history when Jews and Poles worked side-by-side to create a stunning, mysterious, and profoundly meaningful building.

Reconstruction will be on display from Oct. Please feel invited to come and see this marvellous piece yourself! Why tell the story in many voices from the past, when a present-day historian could narrate the whole exhibition? The scholars who created the Core Exhibition talk about its curatorial concept.

All copyrights belong to original owners, Globus Group. Doron Bar is an historical-Geographer, a graduate of the department of geography in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Bar wrote and edited several books and articles about the historical-geography of Palestine Eretz Israel during Late Antiquity. He is also interested in the creation of holy space and in the phenomenon of pilgrimage in both antiquity and 19th and 20th centuries. The talks follow a surge in violence in Israel and the Palestinian Territories with fears mounting that the unrest will lead to a full-scale uprising. Jamie Geller from JoyofKosher. This easy to make Kosher recipe is perfect for holidays or an elegant dinner party.

Parascha Sukkot von Joel Berger. Dies gehe aus Zeugenaussagen im Eichmannprozess klar hervor. The concert is in memory of Daniel Pearl, an American journalist and musician, kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in See more coverage from revival next month on Row J. This interview was conducted before his presidency, at the time he was still the Minister of Science and Development. Part of the Jewish Biography as History series by Dr. Ramallah and Bethlehem have become the latest violence hotspots.

For the Pakistani actor, see Saud actor. House of Saud Coat of arms of Saudi Arabia. The family has thousands of members. It is composed of the descendants of Muhammad bin Saud and his brothers, though the ruling faction of the family is primarily led by the descendants of Abdulaziz Ibn Saud.

The throne ציור - Various - משירי מתי כספי (CD designed to pass from one son of the first king, Ibn Saud, to another. His deputy Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is also from the ruling House of Saud, and the king-appointed cabinet includes more members of the royal family.

While the monarchy is hereditary now, future Saudi kings will be chosen by a committee of Saudi princes, in line with a Royal Decree. The family is estimated to be composed of 15, members, but the majority of the power and wealth is possessed by a group of only about 2, The First Saudi State marked the expansion of Wahhabism.

The Second Saudi State was marked with continuous infighting. Modern Saudi Arabia wields considerable influence in the Middle East. Just like anyone else on this planet. Rise up, speak up and keep your chins up. On the way, he tells the incredible story of his life, how he lost his family and the journey from Germany to his present home in the UK. Rabbinical students, Andy and Avi, travel to upstate New York to learn the practices and ritual of Kosher slaughter.

Kosher is not a style of cooking, nor does it imply that a Rabbi blesses the food in some way. The process of certification involves examining the ingredients used to make the food, examining the process by which the food is prepared, and periodically inspecting the processing facilities to make sure that kosher standards are maintained. This Video was brought to you by getkosher. We make kosher easy!


春夏秋冬 - Various - Neo Voltage (CD), Einheit - The Pusher! vs. Leo Breanza - Galatians 5:15 EP (Vinyl), Best Friend (Midday Club Mix), Secret For The Mad - dodie - You (Vinyl), Eternal Winter - Myrkvid (2) - Satanic Inquisition (Vinyl, LP), Dejected Victims - Sigma 7 - Searching 4 Victims (CD, Album), アリアドネの糸 - Do As Infinity - Time Machine (CD, Album), Rhythm Slave - Marco Remus - Remus Für Die Massen (CD, Album)


  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of משירי מתי כספי on Discogs. Label: Phonokol - • Series: משירי • Format: CD Album, Compilation • Country: Israel • Genre: Pop •Missing: Various.
  2. מתי כספי: 1: משירי מתי כספי: מתי כספי: 1: Album + Compilation. Year Title Artist Rating Show all release groups instead, or show various artists release groups. Artist information Sort name: Caspi, Matti Type: Person Gender: Male Born: (70 years ago)Album: מתי כספי, שירים במיץ עגבניות, מתי, ארץ טרופית משגעת, משירי מתי כספי.
  3. מילים: שלמה גרוניך לחן: מתי כספי ושלמה גרוניך נוסטלגיה guyal11Missing: Various.
  4. ראשי» מוצרים» Albums» משירי מתי כספי. משירי מתי כספי מתי כספי – כשאלוהים אמר בפעם הראשונה שלמה גרוניך – ציור יזהר כהן – חלומות Missing: Various.
  5. מילים לשיר ציור של מתי כספי ושלמה גרוניך באתר שירונט. אתר שירונט מספק מידע על כל האמנים בישראל ובעולם, כולל מילים לשירים, אקורדים, קליפים ועודMissing: Various.
  6. גודל הורדה mb תאריך העלאה 06/08/ כמות הורדות פעמים הורדה אחרונה 25/04/20 סוג הקובץMissing: Various.
  7. ציור מתי כספי שלמה גרוניך; שובי השולמית מתי כספי; ימי בנימינה מתי כספי; שיר משמר מתי כספי; עד מתי כספי; עוד יום מתי כספי; ילדותי השנייה מתי כספי; חלומות שמורים מתי כספי; מי ששר מתי כספי; זה מכבר מתי כספיMissing: Various.
  8. כולל את האלבומים: מתי כספי - צד א' צד ב' - מתי כספי שר סשה ארגוב - מתתיהו ואלכסנדר - השמעת קטעים מהאלבום זמין לרכישהMissing: Various.

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