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Time from here on in will be reflective over both the Album) and the pain. This is life for me now. Enduring the hardest times, God is still good and He sustains me and blesses me, even still. All jargon aside, the joy of the Lord is my strength. And so, I live on, taking the love I hold in my heart for Caleb and doing good with it, I hope, to honor his life.

There is this phenomena that says people, in general, do not like change. People like comfortable familiarity, like a well worn, nubby sweater. But, personally, I generally like change and look forward to the new opportunities that could come with the hopeful creating of a new-normal that is better than the normal I had before — a change that might bring more vibrancy to my life.

How will the scales balance out in this new-normal coming post-pandemic? I do not know the answers to this question, but I know who does. And, I know He desires to be the center of the new-normal for many people. He is always the sametherefore can be counted upon for every need. He is the One who sustained me in the tragedies I mentioned in my previous posts and He is the One who holds me now during all the unrest this pandemic brings.

I do not know the future, but He does. The truth is, this Unchanging God is actually a Changer; In fact, I might conclude, His main mission is to bring about change.

Thirty years ago He changed me and He has been changing me ever since. He uses difficult trials in my life to bring about heart-change in me. Because He is the unchanging, I can lean on Him to face the dark days, as well as the bright days, with equal confidence because of the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus, who loves me so completely, He gave His life and opened the Way for me to have eternal life when I pass from this one; this allows a constant underlying vibrancy to my life.

Nothing shakes this change in me, no matter what — not illness, loss, grief, or even world-wide pandemics — because I am Album) secure in the LORD. As the new-normal unfolds in the days and months to come, will you consider seeking and knowing the Unchanging Changer. Are we brave enough?

Are we willing enough? Am I brave enough to put that color down? Am I willing enough to take the risk? These are the questions I am asking today while we come closer to the new-normal, post Covid An artist relies on past experiences; brilliant creations alongside failed creations. Lower your arm and let the color fill the white of your canvas. Go ahead, take the risk and put the color down.

Are you brave enough? Are you willing enough? My brush stroke creates the image of everyone I love, sitting close enough to hug, on a day dappled with sunshine beneath the large maple tree in my yard. My painting would have this image repeated and repeated and repeated, ad infinitum — capturing the essence of time filled with the closeness of the people I love.

We all are created as relational beings. We were made to crave companionship, physical contact, and love. The greatest Artist that ever existed is the One who created you in the womb ; in the womb you were known — the first relationship initiated, it is written in the DNA of all humans. I am not talking about your mother, she came second in your relationships.

I am talking about God. From the beginning, God knew we humans need the companionship of other humans in order to thrive in the best way; the horizontal line of relationship one to another. This is why I am not surprised at what I imagine to be the most common thing missed during this time of pandemic-induced social distancing:. Are we willing enough to allow it to be the forefront of our paintings and push to the background, the busy-ness and non-relational demands?

What if we listened more, cared more, invested more into the lives around us? Would these changes actually make us better and healthier people, students, workers, communities, and thrust us into a more abundant economy simply because we are living a more loving, refreshed life? The paintbrush is in my hand, your hand, individually and collectively….

And this is just how it is; No one escapes the long term affects of hardships and traumas. The experiences of Covid will render the same. Grace was my fifth pregnancy, and I thought all things would be normal. Cognizant, I was face to face with the sovereignty of God: He is the opener and closer of wombs, He is the giver and taker of life, He does what He wants for His purposes.

I did not take pregnancies or the creation of life for granted as I may have. And, God blessed me with five more children. Stage 3A cancer blasted me from normal life into a year of hellish treatments and surgeries that teetered me on the edge of life and death.

I survived, yet normal life as it was, is gone. There are scars: caustic treatments destroyed my digestive system and I now, must constantly watch what goes into my mouth so that I am not in pain or tied to the bathroom for hours. Despite all my efforts, love, and prayers… my son died of a sudden, accidental, overdose.

Black Widow. Loki's staff has a glowing blue gem in the spear head that allows him to control the minds of others. This refers to the fact that originally, his character was only going to be called Agent. Mark Ruffalo claims to be the only actor to date to play both The Battle - The Flobots* - Reindeer Games (Cassette Hulk and Bruce Banner in the same movie. Technically, Eric Bana and Edward Norton had done motion-capture work for their respective Hulks, but Ruffalo is the first actor to perform the Hulk live on-set via performance capture.

What is most certainly a confirmed "first" for Ruffalo's Hulk, however, is clearly defined chest hair of which Ruffalo has plenty. That has absolutely never been done before in any portrayal of the Hulk, whether it be live, animated, or drawn. The Pentagon said they The Battle - The Flobots* - Reindeer Games (Cassette reconcile the unreality of S. However, the U.

Army did get involved. The "donor car" was a NSX from Arizona, withmiles on its odometer. The interior of the movie car is almost totally stock, and still has the original cassette tape player in the console.

Loki brings the Chitauri alien race to Earth to help him invade it. The Avengers are formed to prevent this from occurring. This is in keeping with the first issue of their self-titled comic book series, in which Loki is responsible for manipulating a chain of disasters that bring The Avengers together in the first place. One of the ones that made the cut the Shawarma reference is influenced by Nicholas Brendon 's Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer interview.

Nicholas mentions, "Would anyone like to go get some Shawarma? According to Mark RuffaloEdward Norton mainly didn't like that Bruce Banner was struggling with his issues of the Hulk all over again, when at the end of The Incredible Hulkit seemed as though Banner had actually accepted it, and thus, the Avengers movie wouldn't really be developing Banner's character much. The digital model of the tower that Pepper is looking at shows that the bottom third of the tower retains the shape of the MetLife building with the rest of the floors redesigned.

When Loki is held prisoner on the helicarrier, the computer screen monitoring him shows an infrared image of the cell. Loki's temperature is shown as blue cold due to the fact that he is a frost giant by nature. Thor spends most of this movie in his Asgardian armor, but with bare arms, a nod to his early appearances in the comics. During his time on the Helicarrier, he is also seen without his cape, an allusion to his Ultimate Comics appearance.

The phrase was also used as the subtitle for the animated series, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Natalie Portman was going to cameo as Jane Foster, but had to drop out when she became pregnant. Since this movie and Iron Man 3 were originally part of a six-picture deal with Marvel and Paramount Pictures before the distribution rights were transferred to Walt Disney Pictures, it's the Paramount logo that appears in advertising and marketing, as well as the beginning of this movie.

Although Paramount Pictures had no part in the production of this movie, they still received a share of the box-office grosses, based on their original deal with Marvel.

An alternate opening and ending frame the movie as a flashbacks from Agent Maria Hill Cobie Smuldersallowing them to simultaneously flesh out her dislike towards Fury's methods and her undying loyalty to S.

Jackson states to the council that "Phase Two is not ready. That movie was based on The Avengerswhich starred Patrick Macnee.

As Warner Brothers UK owned the copyrighted name, and objected to Marvel using it, Marvel were forced to change the name to "Avengers Assemble" for its UK theatrical and home video release. They decided to stick with the name change for that territory too, for cost effectiveness reasons.

In the hologram, a Quinjet is clearly visible in the middle of the structure, one among several hints in the film to the possible use of Stark Tower as future Headquarters of the Avengers as occurred in the comic series.

Mark Ruffalo describes Bruce Banner as "a guy struggling with two sides of himself, the dark and the light; everything he does in his life is filtered through issues of control. He's the teammate none of them are sure they want, it's like throwing a grenade into the middle of the group and hoping it turns out well! Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey described the film's look as visceral and naturalistic: "We wanted this to feel immersive, and did not want a comic book look that might distance an audience.

We moved the camera a lot on Steadicam, cranes, and on dollies, to create kinetic images, and we chose angles that were dramatic, like low angles, for heroic imagery. Jon Favreau was at one point attached to direct, and stayed on as executive producer.

Scarlett Johansson turned down a role in Total Recall due to her commitment to this movie. This is the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to debut the revised S. As compared to the more stylized eagle design on the logo as seen in the opening scene at the dark energy research facilitythe updated logo features a simplified eagle design as seen on the flight deck, and on the bridge of the Helicarrier.

This design will become the default S. Mark Ruffalo 's performance of the Hulk is the first created by motion-capture. Previous live-action versions have either had Bruce Banner and the Hulk be played by separate people Bill Bixby and bodybuilder Lou Ferrignoor were key-frame animated.

The Chitauri appeared in the first story arc of "The Ultimates", an alternate universe retelling of the origins of the Marvel superheroes. In the comics, their leader claims that they go by many names, including Skrulls.

It was originally assumed that the reason for using "The Chitauri", instead of "The Skrulls", was because Twentieth Century Fox owns the rights to the Fantastic Four and their supporting characters. They were not being used as Joss Whedon did not want to use shape-shifters in the first film. Jackson compared his role of Nick Fury to Ordell in Jackie Brown : "He's a nice guy to hang out with, you just don't want to cross him. I tried to make him as honest to the story, and as honest to what real-life would seem.

The title screen doesn't appear until twelve minutes into the film. The film originally opened and closed with Agent Hill reporting to the World Security Council on the Avengers, and on Fury's decisions, but this was scrapped because it didn't mesh with the tone of the film. The outdoor scenes, which were supposed to take place in Germany, but were filmed in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, contained numerous Cleveland Historical landmarks including; Tower City, Higbee Building and Casino, the Renaissance Building, and the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument.

File A The A reference is a running gag in films made by Pixar and Disney, starting with Toy Storya film partially written by Joss Whedonwho wrote and directed this movie. This can be seen, when Loki is talking with The Other. Due to this movie's record-breaking success at the box office, it made Samuel L.

JacksonRobert Downey Jr. Bruce Banner doesn't turn into The Incredible Hulk until one hour and fourteen minutes in. Seamus McGarvey shot the film in a 1. We had to give them all precedence and width within the frame. Also, the final battle sequence was going to be this extravaganza in Manhattan, so the height and vertical scale of the buildings was going to be really important.

The weapons powered by the Tesseract are all engraved with H. This film holds an unusually high number of Academy Award nominees in the cast and crew for a comic book movie: Robert Downey Jr. This tops Iron Man and Iron Man 2 which each had four acting nominees a piece. Only the paint on Captain America's shield is scratched in the film. In the comics, his shield is made of an adamantium and vibranium alloy, with a third mystery catalyst, and can only be damaged by beings who possess nearly ultimate power, such as Molecule Man, Rune King, Thor, or Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet.

The shield is otherwise impervious. The code name for The Avengers release to theaters is "Team Building". In the deleted scene of The Incredible Hulkwhere Banner goes to kill himself, he clearly never got the chance to shoot himself, since the Hulk starts to appear to stop him. However, in the video game of The Incredible Hulkthe opening cut scene clearly shows Hulk is spitting out the bullet.

The film's shooting schedule was ninety-three days, but filming was completed one day early. This is the first Marvel film to be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. Thor doesn't appear until almost forty-five minutes in. The scenes filmed in Ohio were originally to be filmed in Michigan. Production was moved to Ohio when Michigan's film tax rebates were going to be revoked. Tom Hiddleston revealed that Chris Hemsworth actually punched him for real in one scene: Recalling the experience on The Late Show with Stephen ColbertHiddleston said: "Fighting Chris Hemsworth, you're going to lose, let's face it.

On film, it's all about angles when you're fighting. So you're trying to get the angles of the different parts of the choreography to tell the story, but you only have to do it once. There was a scene in Avengers where Thor had to strike Loki across the face and I was wearing the horns, which weigh about 30 pounds. I couldn't really sell the hit, The Battle - The Flobots* - Reindeer Games (Cassette, the smack. So I just said to Chris, 'I think you should just hit me in the face'.

I went down like a stone," he added. I think if I was being hit in the face by Chris Hemsworth day after day, I don't know if I would be able to mange that.

It wouldn't be sustainable. Alan Silvestricontinuing his composing job from Captain America: The First Avengerbecomes the first composer to score more than one movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes was considered to have a cameo in the post-credits scene, where he is wearing his War Machine armor, only to find out he came too late for the battle, and sits down with The Avengers, but the scene was thrown away to where they just show The Avengers eating.

This is a goof cinematically, but fan theories suggested that his heart is dead like his friend, since it glows before and after this scene. Writer and director Joss Whedon revealed that Jeremy Renner injured himself during a stunt and caused production to halt for several days. During the final battle scene where Hawkeye crashes through a window, Renner, who performed the stunt himself, ripped a muscle from his back to shoulder. The opening scene is at the famous radar array in New Mexico from Contactwhere they make contact with an alien species.

In both movies, the alien is a symbol of man's tiny place in the universe. They were replaced by Hawkeye and Natasha Romanoff, a. Black Widow, in an attempt to better integrate S. Tony Stark is seen wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt at a point in the movie where he begins to rally the team at a low point.

The t-shirt featured a design from the Never Say Die album cover. Bruce Banner, on helping S. Since they look nearly identical to the H. Joaquin Phoenix was also rumored for the part of Dr. Stephen Strange in Doctor Strange This is only the second time that Bruce Banner, a.

Hulk, and Thor have appeared together in a movie. David Bruce Banner. Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo share the same birthday November Powers Boothe who provides a cameo in the film appeared in Sin City Alexis Denisof appeared in several DC productions beforehand.

Jackson appeared in The Spirit In the climactic battle scene, the building on which Thor briefly perches is the Chrysler Building. The hot dog cart crushed during the fight at the end of movie, is the same hot dog cart that Chris Evans was using during The Losers The Science and Entertainment Exchange provided science consultation for the film.

In attempting to extend his fledgling empire eastward into Russia, Napoleon has misjudged both the enemy and the weather. Avoiding direct conflict, the Russian army frustrates his every move with You might also like. King Edward of England is dead.

From that day forth, William will have no The year Justinian rules over the Eastern Roman Empire, his wife and most maleficent ally, Theodora, at his side.

From his capital of Constantinople, he dreams of restoring the empire to the


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