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Robin Cherry. Healthy Keto Air Fryer Cookbook. Japanese Paper Embroidery. Mari Kamio and Atsumi. Homemade Beauty. Annie Strole. Rachel L. Parker and William H. Carlo Middione. The Essential Tantra. Kenneth Ray Stubbs and Kyle Spencer. Lemongrass and Ginger Cookbook. Home Economics. Jennifer Mcknight Trontz. Southern from Scratch. Ashley English. The River Cottage Bread Handbook. Daniel Stevens. The Sweet Mary J. - David Cross (2) - I Drink For A Reason (CD) Commissary Cookbook.

Steven Poses and Ann Clark. Italian Family Dining. Eugenia Giobbi Bone and Edward Giobbi. An Apple Harvest. Sharon Silva and Frank Browning. Booze for Free. Andy Hamilton. In DecemberMellencamp began recording a duets album with Carlene Carterwho was his opening act for all shows on the Plain Spoken Tour and would join Mellencamp for two songs during his set.

John got the idea to do an album together. I was blown away. I think we're onto something really interesting, but I won't give the surprise away. It's different, because I've never really sat down and tried to write duets. That's going to be a fun challenge. While it is considered a duets project, Carter gave Pacific University the first piece of insight that the album wouldn't consist strictly of duets.

Some are duets and some are by themselves—it's different, but really kind of the way John and I roll. We are very like-minded and on musical ground that really feels right. It's been quite a wonderful ride.

I know this sounds crazy, but it happens a lot, I think, to songwriters—you can't tell it by looking, but I was working out—and all of a sudden I just started singing 'easy targets' and I thought, 'oh no, now I've got to stop what I'm doing" and it took me The melody came [intact], the lyrics It started out like 'Look, lets go back and do an old country religious record. We'll try to write songs that sound like those songs, but they'll be new. The leg of the tour concluded on September 3 in Canfield, Ohio.

Carter did not accompany Mellencamp on the Canadian portion of the tour. Instead, a minute documentary film was shown before Mellencamp hit the stage each night. Mellencamp released a compilation album of cover songs titled Other People's Stuff on December 7, In two separate television interviews, Mellencamp teased a new musical he is working on based on his No.

This is also a story about a town in free-fall, and the tough choices people make, not always in their best interests. Mellencamp lives five miles outside of Bloomington, Indianaon the shores of Lake Monroe[46] but he also has a vacation home on Daufuskie Island, South Carolina. Mellencamp was married to Priscilla Esterline from until and to Victoria Granucci from until He married fashion model Elaine Irwin on September 5, On December 30,Mellencamp announced that he and Irwin had separated after 18 years of marriage.

Mellencamp has five children from his three marriages: daughter Michelle from his marriage to Esterline; daughters Teddi Jo and Justice from his marriage to Granucci; and sons Hud and Speck from his marriage to Irwin. After his divorce from Irwin, Mellencamp began dating actress Meg Ryan. In SeptemberMellencamp reportedly started dating former supermodel Christie Brinkley.

In Julyit was reported that Mellencamp and Ryan had reunited and were dating again. In Aprilit was reported that Mellancamp has been dating skincare expert Jamie Sherrill since the beginning of the year. InMellencamp became one of the first entertainers to speak out against the Iraq War when he released the song "To Washington", which was also critical of the U.

Presidential elections. The Governor of California was removed from office based on finance troubles. And yet, George W. Bush has lied to us, failed to keep our own borders secure, entered a war under false pretense, endangered lives, and created financial chaos.

How is it that he hasn't been recalled? Perhaps this time we could even have a real election Take an election; take an oil field; take advantage of your own people — a game of political Three-Card Monte.

Bush "The bloody red eyes of the rodeo clown". However, Army officials barred Baez from performing. He told Rolling Stone magazine:. They didn't give me a reason why she couldn't come.

We asked why and they said, 'She can't fit here, period. According to a February 8,Associated Press report, Mellencamp's camp asked that the campaign for presidential candidate Sen. McCain's campaign responded by pulling the songs from their playlist.

Mellencamp's publicist, Bob Merlis, noted to the Associated Press:. If [McCain is] such a true conservative, why [is he] playing songs that have a very populist pro-labor message written by a guy who would find no argument if you characterized him as an ardent leftist?

Merlis also noted that the same songs had been used, with Mellencamp's approval, by John Edwards's campaign ; in response, the McCain campaign ceased using the songs.

Mellencamp also performed "Our Country" at a rally for Hillary Clinton in IndianapolisIndiana, on May 3,although he never came out in support of either Obama or Clinton during the primaries. InMellencamp's music was used by the National Organization for Marriage at events opposing same-sex marriage. Mellencamp's views on same sex marriage and equal rights for people of all sexual orientations are at odds with NOM's stated agenda" and requesting that NOM "find music from a source more in harmony with your views than Mr.

Mellencamp in the future. Mellencamp supported Michael Bloomberg in his presidential campaign by taping a Bloomberg campaign ad that featured Mellencamp singing Small Town.

Mellencamp's musical style has generally been described as rock[6] [67] heartland rock[68] roots rock [6] [69] and folk rock. Noted art writer Hilarie M. Sheets, a contributing editor to ARTnews who writes regularly for The New York Timescalled Mellencamp "a natural storyteller" in a essay she wrote about his artwork.

Known over the course of his successful four-decade music career for his acutely observed songs about the American landscape and its cast of characters, Mellencamp has been equally productive as a painter mining similar terrain. Mellencamp's interest in painting began in early life, but was superseded in the s by his skyrocketing musical career. However, throughout his life, Mellencamp has continued to seriously explore painting.

Mellencamp's late mother, Marilyn, loved to paint landscapes and flowers and her son fell in love with both art and music at an early age.

Mellencamp came to New York in the mids with the intention of studying painting if his music-career aspirations didn't pan out. Inhe joined the Art Students League and had his first formal training with portrait painter David Leffel, who taught him the technique of painting dark to light in the manner of Rembrandt and other old masters.

His discovery of early 20th-century modernists including Chaim Soutine, Walt Kuhn, and particularly the German Expressionists Otto Dix and Max Beckmann pointed the way toward a visceral, pared down approach to portraiture. His portraiture evolved to a personal style that some critics describe as similar to the dark and shadowy paintings of the German Expressionists.

They involve expressiveness by means of exaggeration and distortion of line and color, in favor of a simplified style intended to carry an emotional impact. According to Mellencamp, "German painting remains the basic foundation for what I do same as folk music is the foundation of my songs.

Mellencamp's paintings from the s—of family and friends and many of himself—show lone figures isolated frontally against simple, shadowy backgrounds. They stare at the viewer or off into space with eyes both tough and vulnerable, projecting intensity akin to Beckmann's self-portraits with his sad, glowering eyes. Art writer Doug McClemont, in a review for Art Spacestated: "Mellencamp paints handsomely grotesque portraits in oil that are as solemn and stirring as his hit songs are catchy and inspirational.

They depict existential scenes and human beings ridden with the angst of the everyday. There are no smiles on the faces of Mellencamp's painted figures. His sad clowns, ex-girlfriends, creative heroes, imagined outliers, and hillbilly singers are often endowed with oversize hands and facial features and always with deadpan, proud stares, Sweet Mary J. - David Cross (2) - I Drink For A Reason (CD). Mellencamp's art work has been the focus of a number of exhibitions. According to Dr.

Louis A. Zona, director and curator of the Butler Institute: "I was interested in the dialogue between Mellencamp's work and the Butler's more traditional collection of 19th- and 20th- century American art by masters including John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, and Raphael Soyer.

John's work is beautifully executed with incredibly fascinating studies. A full-color page catalogue with the aforementioned essay by Sheets accompanied the exhibition. Writes Sheets, "While Mellencamp has never been interested in whether he captures a faithful likeness of his subjects; he is after a kind of emotional realism and does follow certain "rules" of painting. For Mellencamp, painting has always been a refuge, a solitary antidote to the hectic life of touring and performing.

He doesn't see it as a precious or rarified activity but rather about staying productive, keeping his mind engaged, making something out of nothing. Mellencamp has also honed his skills by his own self-education in art history, visiting museums across Europe and America whenever he was on tour and studying a broad spectrum of artists and the mechanics of their work and by looking at signs and billboards out the windows of cars and buses while crisscrossing the country.

According to Sheets, "In recent years, Mellencamp has incorporated the looser, more jangly rhythms of street art into panoramic canvases that reflect his social and political activism also present in his music. Everything is a possible painting. Nationally known art writer Lilly Wei, who interviewed Mellencamp for Studio Internationalalso wrote a brief essay, in which she points out, "Mellencamp is a writer and often uses words in his paintings, from the graffiti scribbled across earlier work inspired by what he saw in the streets and Jean-Michel Basquiat to his present versions of text painting, a genre that is increasingly commonplace in works by artists such as Lawrence Weiner, Richard Prince, Glenn Ligon and Christopher Wool.

Mellencamp, who works in a very different, very personal idiom, makes plainspoken paintings, he says, because he's a plainspoken man. If these works are any indication, plain painting can be extraordinarily eloquent. Sweet Mary J. - David Cross (2) - I Drink For A Reason (CD) exhibit included 50 oil and mixed-media paintings, including several never-before seen by the public. Mellencamp's latest painting exhibition, titled Life, Death, Love, and Freedom named in honor of his critically acclaimed album's 10th anniversaryran at the ACA Galleries from April 26 through June 2, Harper Collins published Paintings and Reflectionsan overview of Mellencamp's earlier work as a painter, in Mellencamp co-wrote several Sweet Mary J.

- David Cross (2) - I Drink For A Reason (CD) his best-known songs with his childhood friend George Green who, like Mellencamp, was born and raised in Seymour, Indiana. Mellencamp and Green's final collaboration was "Yours Forever", a song that was included on the soundtrack to the movie, The Perfect Storm. Mellencamp and Green had a falling out in the early s, and Green ultimately moved from Bloomington, Indiana to Taos, New Mexico in George has written some great lyrics and we've written some great songs together, but I just couldn't do it any more.

On August 28,Green died in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the age of 59 after losing a battle with a rapid-forming small cell lung cancer. We had a lot of fun together when we were kids. Later on, we wrote some really good songs together," Mellencamp told the Bloomington Herald Times shortly after Green's death. Mellencamp has Sweet Mary J. - David Cross (2) - I Drink For A Reason (CD) several forays into acting over the years, appearing in four films: Falling from Grace which he also directedMadisonnarration onlyAfter Imageand Lone Star State of Mind His older brother, Joe Mellencamp, appears in Falling from Grace as the bandleader during the country club scene along with his band Pure Jam.

InMellencamp turned down the lead role in the movie The Idolmaker because, as he told the Toledo Blade in"I was afraid that if I made too much money, I'd have no motivation to make records anymore.

Mellencamp told VH1 that he was originally offered the Brad Pitt role in Thelma and Louise : "You know they used to want me to be an actor all the time and I used to get more movie role offers.

That's when I was — believe it or not, I used to not be as ugly as I am now. I was that close. Mellencamp began working on a musical with horror author Stephen Kingentitled Ghost Brothers of Darkland Countyin The musical debuted in the spring of at Alliance Theatre in AtlantaGeorgia, where it ran from April 4 through May In NovemberMellencamp told the Chicago Tribune :.

T Bone and I and Stephen King are working on a musical. All the music has been recorded. I wrote all the songs, 17 songs. T Bone produced. It sounds like the 'Sgt. Pepper' of Americana to me.

Forget about the play, just the songs, the way these people sing them. I'm sitting there listening to it and thinking, "Did Rosanne Cash just kill that song or what!

If you could imagine Tennessee Williams meets Stephen King. They're recording the dialogue now and we're putting out a record of the entire show before it comes out. So you'll get all the dialogue, all the sound effects, and all the songs sung by different people so you can follow the story. The CD will come out ahead of time. So many people are involved, it's taken a long time.

But we don't have to worry about money or record companies — it's our own money we're putting into it, so we said, let's just make something beautiful. This one, though, is not only tolerable, it's good. It may be the first-ever musical written by men for men.

There's no orchestra, just two twangy acoustic guitars, an accordion, and a fiddle. The songs are both haunting and all-American. The Alliance Theatre described the show as a "Southern Gothic musical fraught with mystery, tragedy and ghosts of the past. In the tiny town of Lake Belle Reve, Mississippi ina terrible tragedy took the lives of two brothers and a beautiful young girl.

During the next forty years, the events of that night became the stuff of local legend. But legend is often just another word for lie. Joe McCandless knows what really happened; he saw it all.

The question is whether or not he can bring himself to tell the truth in time to save his own troubled sons, and whether the ghosts left behind by an act of violence will help him — or tear the McCandless family apart forever.

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County received mixed reviews upon its initial run in Atlanta. The musical toured 20 U. Inthe show was further developed in London, although King and Mellencamp are no longer as actively involved: "Steve and I are taking a step back In Octoberit was announced Sweet Mary J. - David Cross (2) - I Drink For A Reason (CD) Broadway Licensing have redeveloped Ghost Brothers of Darkland County and made it available for worldwide licensing beginning in Mellencamp wrote the score for the Meg Ryan movie Ithacawhich premiered on October 23, at the Middleburg Film Festival in Virginia and was released in theaters and on-demand by Momentum Pictures on September 9, He did everything," said Ryan, Mellencamp's on-again, off-again girlfriend.

John Mellencamp wrote every note — everything — the tiny little needle drops you hear in the back. He wrote about half of it after I read him the script, and then the next half after he saw the movie. He's just incredible.

Meanwhile, the piano-heavy "Seeing You Around" has the sound of a s standard the movie takes place during World War II and is made all the more authentically '40s-sounding by Redbone's gruff, baritone vocals. Mellencamp's band provided the backing on both tracks and performed all the music that is in the movie.

Said Carter in "The way John Mellencamp and I met was he invited me to come and sing this song he had written for the movie that Meg Ryan has coming out called Ithaca. That was when we became friends, when I went to Indiana and recorded with him and the guys this really cool song called 'Sugar Hill Mountain' that's in the movie. And the movie is wonderful.

We got to see a rough cut of it and I was very impressed. Country music star Keith Urban has consistently cited Mellencamp's influence on his music.

It originated when Mellencamp's Lonesome Jubilee tour went to Australia in - Urban was in attendance at one of the concerts and described the experience as an "epiphany. Urban told the Vancouver Sun in I played so many of those songs in my cover bands. But for me, The Lonesome Jubilee was the defining record and tour.

I've since gotten to know John a little bit and it was one of the greatest opportunities I've ever had to meet a hero and tell him about a concert you went to when you were a nobody and how much of an effect that concert had on me. I just remember that moment: Here's that full-on rock section, with Kenny Aronoff on drums and Larry Crane a rock guitarist with swagger.

But there was also Lisa Germano on fiddle, they had an accordion player, there was an acoustic guitarist. I was hit by lightning by that concert. I said to John, 'I didn't walk away thinking: I want to do that. I walked away feeling: I get it — just put all the things you love into what you do. Urban went into more detail on the impact Mellencamp's Lonesome Jubilee Tour concert had on him when CMT asked him about the concert that most influenced him:.

The most impactful one for me was probably John Mellencamp in '88 or '89 on the Lonesome Jubilee Tour. It was singularly the most epiphany experience I'd ever had at a concert. Prior to that, from the age of 6 or 7, I was somewhere in between Top 40, country and, 'Who the hell am I and what do I do? But when I went to see him live, his band was so phenomenally good.

Great, great band. And I remember watching the concert—and the light went off. There's a rock rhythm section, but there's acoustic guitar, electric guitar. This fiddle, this accordion. He's singing these rural lyrics, but he's got swagger and attitude for days. It was like everything came together. Dash makes occasional singing appearances and sometimes surfaces with the same Gibson mandolin that rang out on all the albums in the 70's!

We've started a concert list with commentary from various shows. Tell us all about the concert and what it meant to you! Go to the concerts page. We've had a number of inquiries about the Gap ad that featured "Summer Breeze. The single is not the updated version of the song that appears on Traces. It is in fact the original version of the song, edited and remixed by Philip Steir and Leah Simon. It was on Billboard's AC chart for several weeks and peaked at no. There is a limited release of the single on cd, and you can download it at itunes.

For a complete list of significant covers, check out the Summer Breeze page. Vahid Odinn Spencer is our young, Icelandic contributor. Can you identify the song? Let Thine everlasting melodies breathe tranquility on me, O my Companion; and let the riches of Thine ancient countenance deliver me from all except Thee, O my Master; and let the tidings of the revelation of Thine incorruptible Essence bring me joy, O Thou Who art the most manifest of the manifest and the most hidden of the hidden!


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  6. Music Corporation of America (MCA) was founded in Chicago in as a talent agency by Dr. Jules Stein and Mr. William R. Goodheart, Jr. and began to produce TV shows in the late 40s. In MCA acquired the Universal Studios property and also Paramount's pre film library for its MCA TV division. In , MCA's principal.
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