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Login or Register. Thesaurus rip-off noun. Save Word. Log In. Synonyms of rip-off Entry 1 of 2. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about rip-off. Share rip-off Post more words for rip-off to Facebook Share more words for rip-off on Twitter. Time Traveler for rip-off The first known use of rip-off was in See more words from the same year. Thesaurus Entries near rip-off ripeness ripening ripens rip-off rip off rip-offs riposte See More Nearby Entries. Comments on rip-off What Rip Off you want to look up rip-off?

Ripoff Report allows crazy people to post anything horrible to their website and it remains there for good, even after the defendant dies; Ripoff Report doesn't honor the dead. Ripoff Report extorts innocent people and is not a credible platform for credible complaints.

Setting the Record Straight: We question the story provided, especially the quote. Further, it's FREE to use the site, including posting rebuttal comments. FAQs www. From my experience, I have used RipOffReport. They have given consumers a voice and a platform to make complaints about bad business transactions.

From what I remember you complete a complaint form and Rip Off you would like for a resolution. RipOffReport contacts the business in question and presents the complaint. The business has the right to make a rebuttal, ignore the complaint, or work out a resolution with the consumer. I have always had good results with RipOffReport due to my not lying and keeping all documentation and emails relating to the transaction. I feel RipOffReport is a necessary entity which puts the morality of business practices in question and reveals businesses true intent as to how they deal with consumers.

RipOffReport helps to maintain trust in the American market place. I've filed complaints on RipoffReport. The last one was probably a few years ago, so I can't speak to what happened after that.

My complaints did appear. In contrast, I've filed five reviews at ConsumerAffairs. The three that haven't appeared here review Care. The reason given is that ConsumerAffairs has to collect more reviews before they post a listing for these companies. As regards RipoffReport, because the name is "RipoffReport," and you cannot remove what you write, I filed complaints about large national businesses that I had given up on just to warn others and get it out of my system.

I did not check the box to be contacted by lawyers, the media [or the company? I am fair and rational. In the past, I was also concerned to see reviews posted on people who were not in business, like someone reviewing their ex-spouse, etc.

I saw more than one of those. I'm reading the other reviews of RipoffReport here with an open mind. At the same time, I wondered why so many of them display a lack of clarity, gaps in their stories and errors in word usage. I have happened to read letters from blue collar and pink collar business owners elsewhere responding to complaints against them that were surprisingly cogent and literate, even when that person was an immigrant from a third world country.

Something about that situation brings out people's best English Comp skills. So the school system isn't necessarily that incompetent Thank you for your feedback, V. Ripoff Report is always looking for ways to improve. We agree that any review needs to be viewed with an open mind.

We encourage consumers to consider multiple sources before passing judgment. Truth can be stranger than fiction and bad situations can happen to otherwise good people. He'll start the job once he receives upfront monies, and asks for more money within a week. He attempted to prepare one part of the house, not the entire house for exterior painting. A month later, do you know he has only sloppily put primer over chipped paint and on only one side of the house for 30 days?

The rest of house was not Rip Off. When he was told that no more funds will be handed to him until the house sees real paint; as of this writing, it's been 10 days Not sight, no response, no callback, no receipts from him proving he bought the supplies for us. Rather, he used our money for personal expenses. We were smart enough to have given him Cashier's Checks plus had him sign receipts as a backup. Now, I'm back to square Rip Off, searching for another painter, and have to come up with more money to give that Anthony's Painting stole.

It appears that this consumer review is not actually about the website RipoffReport. Perhaps it was erroneously categorized? I had a customer of my biz get upset over a mistake, that wasn't even our mistake.

He went to Ripoff Report to report it. Estafar That taxi driver completely ripped us off. Hurto Someone broke into the office and ripped off a couple of laptops, Rip Off.

Plagio The film is just a cheap rip-off of a James Bond film. Translations of rip-off in French. Need a translator? Translator tool.

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  1. Rip-off definition is - an act or instance of stealing: theft; also: a financial exploitation. How to use rip-off in a sentence.
  2. Ripoff definition, an act or instance of ripping off another or others; a theft, cheat, or swindle. See more.
  3. A noun or pronoun can be used between "rip" and " off." The throng of screaming fans nearly ripped the singer's shirt off. Luckily, I remembered to rip off the price tag before handing Sara her gift.
  4. 68 synonyms of rip-off from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 86 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for rip-off. Rip-off: an instance of theft.
  5. Define rip off. rip off synonyms, rip off pronunciation, rip off translation, English dictionary definition of rip off. v. ripped, rip·ping, rips v. tr. 1. a. To cut, tear apart, or tear away roughly or energetically. See Synonyms at tear1. b. To cause to be pulled apart.
  6. Sep 22,  · Being short on space or only having less than 2 minutes to do a story where important facts are left out can change the entire story. Rip-off Report feels consumers reading the unedited experiences of other consumers, without editorial involvement, are getting the best consumer opinion/news available.
  7. Ripped Off synonyms, Ripped Off pronunciation, Ripped Off translation, English dictionary definition of Ripped Off. abbr. Latin requiescat in pace v. ripped, rip·ping, rips v. tr. 1. a. To cut, tear apart, or tear away roughly or energetically.
  8. The Ripoff Report allows you a central place to enter complaints about companies or individuals who are fraudulent, scamming or ripping people off. Our reports cover every category imaginable! Submit your story on our web site for free, for millions to see.
  9. Ripoffs® Brand Products a division of U.S. ARMOR CORPORATION New Holland Avenue Lancaster, PA Phone () Fax ()

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