Project A 119 - Mindblaster / Hathor - Losers - Unite! (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Project A 119 - Mindblaster / Hathor - Losers - Unite! (Vinyl)

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Your cart is empty! Up your wattage and this song will flow right in. The vox exist in a drug induced or sleep deprived plane of half existence and half reflection. Something my weary body readily relates to. One of the more important and believable artistic endeavors I've heard in a while. The first song is the title track, which is a hard rocking track, with a very good sound and excellent guitar work, which mainly stays in the mid-paced range.

The vocalist sounds a little like Bruce Dickinson, but not a total clone. The drumming is done in the same vein, with a middling speed, which really fits well into the bands musical style. The vocals are more diverse singing style. These music fuck ups Mindblaster mix crusty punk no none of that PC commercial shit! The vocalist sounds like a pissed off bum who just had his bottle of whiskey which he had panhandled for all day stolen, it fits the music well. Anyone into heavy holocaust fist to the face metal punk should like this.

It looks great, the artwork suits the music, looks nice blown up this big, and the record itself is sweet clear vinyl, with black smoke wafting from the center of the vinyl outward.

Monobrow are from my homeland Canada, always a plus for me. All are influences that fall directly into my wheelhouse. Project A 119 - Mindblaster / Hathor - Losers - Unite! (Vinyl) tend to stick to a middling pace, but they do slow it down, always propelled by catchy as fuck riffs and rhythms. The drumming on this record is great; it really drew me in at times and helped take me on a journey. Which, for me is something, that very rarely happens, coming that particular instrument.

There are some sweet little bass noodles on the breaks, in between the riffing heat, that are the perfect accent. Project A 119 - Mindblaster / Hathor - Losers - Unite!

(Vinyl) also dig the somber, psychedelic moody moments; they linger in the air like a murky bitch of a head trip, before jumping back into the fray once again. The music on this album, is so good and delivers such a full sound, that I did not mind or really even think about there being no vocals on this album.

Get this! Not as majestic as some "Blut und Krieg" material but very metallized and barbaric. A band that truly deserve a cult status. Rest in hate. Katharsis offer no mercy with the track "Watchtowers of Darkness". Not as epic minded or melodic as their style is usually performed but the manic drumming and sadistic vox keep this aloft. Until now, Boris Records had only sent me bands they championed, from their home base area of Atlanta, Georgia.

Which, as it turns out, is more of a hotbed of quality extreme metal bands than I would have imagined? The label has reached way out of the area this time, and out of the country, searching all the way down south to Peru and the mighty South American UG scene to find Morbid Slaughter.

Morbid Slaughter play some great old school thrashing black metal that I often find myself missing these days. The songs and riffing are straight ahead and simple, but driving and very effective, creating a cold and sinister atmospheric feel to the music.

There is a cool piercing guitar lead on the title track, as well as a more frenzied possessed lead, on the second track as well. Which fits the music surprisingly well and is not out of place at all. The vocals took me a couple listens to get used to and became a highlight for me after a Project A 119 - Mindblaster / Hathor - Losers - Unite!

(Vinyl). I think it took me some time, to get into them, as they are just different than you usually hear these days and again are harkening back to the old days, like early Mortuary Drape or something similar. The vocals have some of the traditional bm rasp to them, but it is cloaked under a cool long drawn out creepy whisper, that only further adds to the ominous feeling the music gives you.

This is well worth getting your hands on and it comes with a liner insert as well. I believe as of this writing, the vinyl is still available I think I read somewhere Project A 119 - Mindblaster / Hathor - Losers - Unite!

(Vinyl) is limited to copiesbut if it sells out by the time you read this, the music on this vinyl is available in high quality download purchase for less than two bucks on the labels bandcamp site, as are most or all their releases. They mix a nice blend of old-school black and death metal elements, together with some influences of war metal chaos. The drumming is non-stop, fast and chaotic, just all over the place, which really fits the songs.

The guitars are equally as fast, with some excellent patterns and riffs. The band is not all speed and chaos, they do slow it down in a few songs to a more mid-paced range, before pummeling the listener with yet another barrage of high-speed guitars and drums.

What can you say about Mortician, that hasn't already been said? They were one of the originators of brutal, sick death metal. The drummer is just as intense as the rest of the musicians of Muknal whether he is slowly beating the drums for a slow build up or if he is beating and blasting away with rage and fury. Muknal are a hard band to put into a category besides haunting and extreme and even harder to compare them to anyone. The only two bands that even come close are old Incantation and Disembowlment but even those are only slightly influential as Muknal has a sound all their own.

I fully respect the vision to not stagnate but keep the music directly in line with the emotions that inspired it. This release takes a more melodic turn towards more Norwegian sounding notably Kampfar black metal and includes brief interludes of melancholy flute work. With most I would say nay but it fits in this case. Kanwulf dedicates this entire ep to a deceased friend who hung himself.

As described in the insert "Rasluka is the phonetic morphology for the Russian expression of "parting ways". Such should be noted and understood when listening. I am sure many of you, reading this know the cult classic horror movie, by the same name. This release is in conjunction, with the movie re-release, by the rapidly gaining in popularity Vinegar Syndrome.

Who are releasing all sorts of old film classics from vintage sex movies, to horror movies, that the die hards have being waiting for on DVD and Blu Ray, Project A 119 - Mindblaster / Hathor - Losers - Unite! (Vinyl). This soundtrack, of course is not metal in the least, but I have always had a thing for horror movie soundtracks, and this is a hell of a Project A 119 - Mindblaster / Hathor - Losers - Unite! (Vinyl) item and very cool. I believe this thing is already sold out. There was a pressing of with on black vinyl and on blue and bone coloured vinyl.

So while you scour online, for a second hand copy, you can preview the tracks at the link below. Cybernetika — The Scythe Of Orion. Comphilation Vol. Paraklang — Critical Incident. Comments RSS Feed. RiY Az says:. December 31, at pm. Jumbi says:. January 3, at pm.

LSDead says:. January 6, at pm. January 9, at pm. Andrew says:. January 11, at am. Mindblaster says:. Tipworld says:. January 13, at pm.


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  4. MINDBLASTER / HATHOR “Losers – Unite!” Split 7” EP (Genocidal Records) Mindblaster a re older but not wiser as they shit out two new angry snot drenched tracks “Chemical Lobotomy” & “Alcohol And Anguish”. More of the same debauchery as above, but leaning now a little more in the punk / crust direction but still as pissed.
  5. MindBlaster is a game / tutorial by, a Microsoft Blog. It is available as a downloadable executable or source code. MindBlaster is written using XNA which runs on a Windows PC in conjunction with the MindSet headset and a mouse. You may also use a Nintendo Wiimote. The object of the game with the wiimote.
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  7. Dec 30,  · Mindblaster (Andriy Tykhonov) is back with his second blasting release, The Collapse, on Pyrethrum Records. Born in Ukraine and now living in the south of Germany, Mindblaster draws influence from many different genres such as metal, orchestral music, and dubstep in an effort to forge his own brand of powerful full-on psytrance.

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