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Not only that it is the only Rocky sequel film who won another Oscar award, which is the only one. Beside Carl Weathers I think Mr.

T was the best actor portraying a villain in this movie I love how he provoked One Last Time - HIM (2) - Rocking The Ring (DVD) I really love that. This is the only film the lasted three rounds. The film has two fight with Clubber Lang Mr.

T and more fights in which Rocky and Clubber are attending One Last Time - HIM (2) - Rocking The Ring (DVD) in the opening scene. Rocky fights a wrestler Thunderlips Hulk Hogan in this film. I also love the music score Eye of the Tiger performed by Survivor! I love this film it is my third best favorite rocky film alongside with Rocky IV. The rating I am giving is 9. Three years and 10 successful title defenses after beating Apollo Creed, with whom he has become great friends, a now wealthy Rocky Balboa is considering retirement.

Fame and complacency soon cause Balboa to lose his title to Clubber Lang, who inadvertently causes the death of Rocky's trainer Mickey. Rocky sinks into a depression, and Apollo decides to train Rocky for a rematch against Lang so Rocky can try to win the title back.

That is the basic main plot. It is the third installment in the Rocky film series, and the second in the franchise to be directed by Stallone. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Continuing my plan to watch every Sly Stallone movie in order, I come to the second sequel to the Oscar winning ' Rocky', Rocky 3.

After the success of Rocky 2, Sly tanked at the box office unfairly in this reviewers opinion, as both are solid entertainment with Nighthawks and Escape To Victory. So Sly returned to Rocky once more Plot In A Paragraph: Rocky Stallone is champion of the world, has 10 title defences under his belt, has untold fame and fortune and is given his own statue. When suddenly a new challenger arrives, the vicious Clubber Lang Mr.

T who Mickey Burgess Meredith is keen for Rocky to avoid. For a series as long running as the Rocky movies, it's only natural for there to be the occasional need for a breath of fresh air - a fresh perspective on a tried and tested formula. After meddling with scripts and the movies editing on his last two pictures Stallone is back in full creative control. And it's to the movies benefit. Stallone is at his best when playing Rocky--it is his vision and his creation--and despite what Hollywood wants us to think, he is not a bad director either.

From the supercharged "Eye of the Tiger" opening this film just does not let up. All of the cast are great, none more so than Stallone himself. The scene of Mickey's death after Rocky's destruction at the hands of Clubber Lang is brilliant-But the Masterstroke here lies in making Apollo a far more central character after Mickey's death.

T is perfect as Clubber Lang a great adversary for Rocky and the power and intensity his character displays in the ring is ferocious.

I still say Mike Tyson stole Clubber Lnag's act!! The second fight between Rocky and Clubber is just breathtaking, the pace of the fight is electric, some of the camera work makes you feel like you are literally in the ring with these two warriors.

This movie is a must for anyone with the slightest interest in being entertained!! Aaron 7 March This Rocky movie is a rather quick flowing film compared to the first movies and features a bit more comedy while still having drama and inspirational scenes that were pivotal in the first two movies. The fights are different here too, as in this film we do not have the 15 round beat downs of the first films, but rather three rounds of pure hard hitting. In this one we start out with a strange charity match as Rocky the heavyweight champion of boxing goes against the heavyweight champion of wrestling, Thunderlipps Hulk Hogan in his only decent appearance in a movie, then again it is not really a stretch.

This match is rather entertaining and funny, but soon Rocky must face a new challenger to his belt, the very tough Clubber Lang played by a very tough Mr. Mickey does not want Rocky to fight this guy as Mickey has seen that Rocky has lost the fire in his eyes that got him the title and would most likely lose to this determined if a bit arrogant new fighter.

Well they do end up fighting and Rocky loses and gets hit even worse by the passing of his mentor. Apollo having witnessed the fight and not liking Clubber Lang at all offers to help Rocky train and thus a new friendship is born. The training is nice to watch and I like how Rocky does different strategies against Clubber in the final fight. Sure this movie is a bit more over the top than the previous Rocky movies, it to me is still my favorite.

The cast remain in strong form, as does Bill Conti's music. Rocky 3 is without a doubt the best film in the series. Rocky I and II are tremendous films that focus more on Rocky and Adrian's love for one another and their journey from unhappiness to complete fulfillment.

But the third film in my opinion has the perfect blend. From the supercharged "Eye of the Tiger" opening to the classic Rocky v Apollo ending, this film just does not let up. All of the cast act their socks off here, none more so than Stallone himself. The scene of Mickey's death after Rocky's destruction at the hands of Clubber Lang is brilliant- you can feel the genuine emotion Stallone has for Mickey's character and the chemistry between Meredith and Stallone is there up to the very last scene they had together.

But the Masterstroke here lies in making Apollo a far more central character after Mickey's death. Carl Weathers pulls of a huge feat in this film in that he fills Meredith's shoes so to speak- not an easy job when you consider just how important Mickey is to the Rocky films. Clubber Lang is a great adversary for Rocky and the power and intensity his character displays in the ring is ferocious. And more importantly here we see Balboa at his absolute peak- technically and physically, he actually looks and fights like a man who is the BEST fighter in the world.

Rocky evolves in this film into a boxer with speed, skill, intelligence and power. A triumph of a movie that I would recommend to anyone with the slightest interest in being entertained! RiffRaffMcKinley 11 November Thank heavens "Rocky III" is still an enjoyable piece of work! For Stallone's second shot in the director's chair, he pits his famous character against Clubber Lang, a testosterone-oozing Mr. The trouble is, has Rocky grown complacent in light of his massive celebrity?

While it does stick to something of a formula, R3 still comes out swinging, with more humor and better drama than the first two, but doesn't reach the cheer-inspiring fever pitch of the second. A worthwhile entry. For pure entertainment, this might be the best of the five "Rocky" movies. I mean, One Last Time - HIM (2) - Rocking The Ring (DVD), where else can you see Rocky, his entourage, Mr. Oh, man, yes indeed, but it probably has more ups and downs and memorable scenes than any in this series.

UP - However, he rallies to beat the over-sized animal. UP - Rocky's former rival "Apollo Creed" agrees to train our hero in a re-match against the obnoxious villain Lang. UP - He finds his "eye of the tiger" spirit and trains with great inspiration, becoming even and quicker and faster afoot than Creed!

This goes on and on and on, climaxed by the fight which, of course, has another 30 of these "ups and downs. T, by the way, makes a great villain and the filmmakers added to the suspense using slow-motion action scenes and effective sound with all the punches, grunts and groans all add to the circus-like atmosphere. Nobody grunted like Mr. It's corny, it's hokey, etc. Acceptable follow-up in which Balboa is willing to risk his life against a One Last Time - HIM (2) - Rocking The Ring (DVD) boxerClubber Lang.

Officially a sequel is most a rehash but happens to be a nice third chapter about Rocky saga with intimate Stallone. Interesting sequel that works every time and in which beloved Balboa is considering retirementbut he faces off a tough contender performed by Mister T A Teambeing dethroned by the obnoxiouscorpulent boxerthat's why Rocky sinks into a depression.

Excessive confidence and complacency soon give rise to lose his heavyweight championship title. Two-bit fighter Rocky is now almost retired and has hit rock bottombut he rises from ashes to fight a daring contender. About to be retired from boxing and back from riches to ringRocky takes on a new combat. Although he is homaged as one of the greatest boxing champions in the history also is panned as a down-and-out fighter.

While Rocky attempts to prove himself and his familyhis wife Talia Shirebrother-in-law Burt Young and his veteran trainer Burguess Meredith. Shortly afterApollo Creed Carl Weathers and Duke Tony Burton decide to train Rocky for a rematch against the brave and invincible opponent Langso Rocky can attempt to win the championship back.

This agreeable predictable entertainment displays splendidly the 'formula Rocky'. The movie works in usual mannerfitting appropriately to franchiseeven though we know the plot the film works. This soaper on the ring is developed in gentlenessdignityfeel-good style as well as the initial outing.

Great training montage and spectacular and climatic final bout. Writer-director-actor Stallone new entry is surprisingly entertaining and packs good feeling.

Usual and nostalgic musical score by Bill Conti and atmospheric cinematography by Bill Butler. The motion picture was lavishly financed by the producers of complete sagaRobert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler and well directed by Stallone who along John G.

Avildsen created the six Rocky saga. Rating : Goodbeing impossible to dislikethe result is deliciously corny agreeable and predictable amusement. Although we've seen it all beforeSylvester manages to make it work one more time and it works every way even better than successive Rockys. If someone told me what is it about, I would be like - Really, Sylvester, how long do you think you can take people's money by simply rearranging the same movie in slightly different arrangements?!

The answer is - Obviously longer than common sense allows. The movie was blockbuster, it launched the song "Eye of the Tiger" in unbelievable heights, and it achieved crazy success in every way.

However crazy it may sound, rearranging of the Rocky story works and it works well. The story is good, acting and directing too, the soundtrack kicks ass, and the movie keeps attention from the first till the very last moment, and it really leaves a strong impression. I'm a little bit ashamed to like it, but I really do, very much. Another film worthy of a Frank Stallone sound track, Rocky 3 has been one of the biggest box office turn outs in history.

Not only did every Italian American run out to see this film when it was in the theaters but it made the song "Eye of the Tiger" a national hit. Rocky 3 was also a debut film for MR. An excellent performance as one of the best villains in movie history. This one is not only written by Sly Check it out. Another classic the greatest sequel in the "Rocky" trilogy of the 80's. It is a different third entry in the Rocky saga from the first two movies. It is in an Eye of the Tiger different style.

After Sly completed Rocky II inSly wrote a script for the third movie so that he completed the Rocky trilogy saga. Sylvester Stallone beautiful wrote a script, acted and directed. This was my third Rocky film of the five films I saw in the 90's. It is my number 2 favorite Rocky film of all time and I love this movie to death! Rocky III in my opinion is better than First Blood and it is my second personal favorite movie of all time.

Don't give this sucker no statue. Give him guts! I told you I wasn't going away. You got your shot, now give me mine. Rocky is at top of his game, he is still a heavyweight champion, he earns his money with making commercials, he is famous and defends his title 10 times. His life wouldn't get any better until black boxer Clubber Lang comes along and chalenges Rocky to a fight.

He accepts the match, but his maneger Mickey Burgess Meredith tell's him that his old times are over. Rocky dosen't listen to him goes in a ring and loses his fight in 2 rounds and his maneger dies.

But Apollo Creed Carl Weathers comes out of retirement to help Rocky to beat the new champion once more and rise from the grace. Yes this is another best classic sequel in the Rocky franchise that I love to death!

I am huge fan of Rocky this was an a pair with Rocky IV. This movie has inspirational speach I would say this movie motiveted me more in life than the first movie. Rock is dawn, but Apollo gives him hope and he motivated him: "Look, man.

When you beat me, I hurt all over. I didn't wanna know from nobody, not even my kids. Every fighter knows that hurt. We get sick inside trying to live with it, so don't back off now. Make it right for yourself or you'll be sorry you didn't.

Lee supported the Conservative Party. He described Michael Howard as "the ideal person to lead the party" in[] and also supported William Hague and David Cameron. Contrary to popular belief, Lee did not have a vast library of occult books.

When giving a speech at the University College Dublin on 8 Novemberhe said: "Somebody wrote I have 20, books. I'd have to live in a bath! I have maybe four or five occult books. Who claimed to be involved with black magic. You will not only lose your mind, you'll lose your soul. His wife delayed the public announcement until 11 June, to break the news to their family.

Following Lee's death, fans, friends, actors, directors and others involved in the film industry publicly gave their personal tributes. Inaccompanied by his wife Birgit, and on the th anniversary of the birth of Bram StokerLee was honoured with a tribute by University College Dublinand described his honorary life membership of the UCD Law Society as "in some ways as special as the Oscars.

Cockroach — Men in Black Ben Stiller vs. Hong Kong gang — Rush Hour 2 Yoda vs. Brad Pitt — Mr. Smith Gerard Butler vs. Robert Maillet — Ali Larter — Obsessed Robert Pattinson vs. Ed Skrein — Deadpool Gal Gadot vs. German soldiers — Wonder Woman Brie Larson vs.

Gemma Chan — Captain Marvel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British actor, singer and author. For other people named Christopher Lee, see Christopher Lee disambiguation. Lee at the Berlin Film Festival in February BelgraviaLondon, England.

ChelseaLondon, England. Lee's Dracula is a force of nature: red-eyed, blood dripping from fangs, often in the grip of rage. He's hypnotic, physically powerful, well-spoken, but Lee also understood — crucially — that an important layer from Bram Stoker's novel had been missing from Lugosi's performance: sexuality. Lee's Dracula is a rampant sex fiend, using that stare to make buxom ladies everywhere come over a little faint. Christopher is truly a force to be reckoned with. Doing a scene with him and having him peering down at you, screaming into your face, all you can think of is 'My God, that's Dracula!

Main article: Christopher Lee filmography. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 15 August Total Film. Archived from the original on 12 June Retrieved 25 August Retrieved 18 December BBC News. Retrieved 29 May Archived from the original on 24 February Retrieved 16 March Retrieved 4 October The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 30 April Talk Talk. Retrieved 26 August Wise; Scott Baron January International Stars at War. Naval Institute Press. UCD News. University College Dublin. November Retrieved 12 June The Carandini family is one of the oldest in Europe and traces itself back to the first century AD.

It is believed to have been connected with the Emperor Charlemagne, and as such was granted the right to bear the coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. Exshaw, John 12 June The Independent.

United Kingdom. He inherited his father's dark looks, and from his mother a lineage stretching back possibly to Ancient Rome, and including Charlemagne, along the way to the first Count Carandini in Retrieved 18 April Turun Sanomat. Archived from the original on 30 September Retrieved 27 August The London Gazette Supplement. The Times. Retrieved 20 December The Telegraph. The Independent 31 October Time Out.

Retrieved 11 March Monsters in the Movies: Years of Cinematic Nightmares. Dorling Kindersley. The Dracula Scrapbook. Chancellor Press. Empire [online]. Published 12 June Retrieved 22 March Author — Owen Williams. Retrieved 20 May The Guardian. Retrieved 21 December Retrieved 16 January My Existenz. Retrieved 11 April — via YouTube.

Archived from the original on 26 August Retrieved 11 April Turner Classic Movies. Retrieved 5 August — via YouTube. New Line Cinema. BBC Press Office.

Retrieved 30 September Alice in Wonderland: A Visual Companion. Disney Editions. Retrieved 2 January Geek Chocolate. Rue Morgue Radio. Archived from the original on 20 May Retrieved 12 April Christopher Lee Official Website. Archived from the original on 15 January Retrieved 11 January Empire film magazine. Retrieved 4 June Archived from the original on 14 July Retrieved 14 July Movie Web.

Retrieved 31 December Retrieved 21 March BBC Four. Retrieved 21 May Retrieved 17 October Michael Pakleppa. Archived from the original on 26 March Retrieved 3 June Retrieved 2 May Retrieved 12 July Guinness World Records. Some of the music cues are different as well. It also has a different version of the "bobbing for apples" scene, in which Aiden has a vision of his own head underwater. The only apparent difference in packaging is that this version does NOT have the letters "FR" after the catalog number which is, in both versions, Take One Last Time - HIM (2) - Rocking The Ring (DVD) trip down memory lane with photos of high school TV and movie icons then and now, from " Dawson's Creek ," Cluelessand more favorites.

See the gallery. Sign In. Added to Watchlist. Simon Baker. David Dorfman. Elizabeth Perkins. Gary Cole. Sissy Spacek. Ryan Merriman. Emily VanCamp. Kelly Overton. James Lesure. One Last Time - HIM (2) - Rocking The Ring (DVD) Chase. Kelly Stables. Cooper Thornton.


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