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Download Little Sister. Little Dog - Junior Astronomers - Dead Nostalgia (Vinyl)

This album is beautiful in its entirety. Peyton Teeple. Sports by Modern Baseball. Fist In The Air by Cherubs. Danzig Sings Elvis by Danzig. The crossover no one saw coming—a sinister, album-length tribute to the King from the legendary Glenn Danzig. Osglim by Lalande. Chris by Big Nothing. Fans of the Hold Steady and the Replacements are bound to fall in love with these crunchy, big-hearted indie rock anthems. Explore music. Dead Nostalgia by Junior Astronomers. No reason to be afraid. Quality from start to finish.

Love this band. Favorite track: Little Sister, Little Dog. Sean Kimbro. Little Sister. Little Dog - Junior Astronomers - Dead Nostalgia (Vinyl) Robey. Corey Wynn.

Garrett Erlandson. Jay Frye. Keisha Thrift. Nicholas Boschman. Jonny Read. Caulin Logan. Christopher Rampton. Damien Paull. Esteban Rios. Daniel Stefanski.

Dexter Carpenter. Capturing the proto-punk spirit of their musical ancestors, while still maintaining an anchor in modern rock sensibilities, the band has infused this album with the raucous spirit of youthful exuberance, with a deliberate heart-on-sleeve swagger.

But rest assured, everything on Dead Nostalgia is turned up to Guitars shoot out classic spitfire riffs and chords like they were being fed from a gun belt, and the thudding, acrobatic drumming keeps the songs moving toward some fixed point on the horizon. By integrating traditional punk attitudes with a more modern hardcore intensity, they seamlessly blend these interrelated rock ancestries and show that bands separated by decades are joined by a communal lineage.

Combing through the thickly, rhythmic aesthetic of their earlier material, Hillbert and the band fashioned a set of songs that were fiercer and more concise—and felt indebted to punk pioneers like The Stooges and MC5. The band shears away all artifice and is left with a savage churn that comes charging straight out of the speakers, delivering a well-deserved gut punch to their modern rock peers.

Experienced but not yet jaded, well-rehearsed but never, Little Sister. Little Dog - Junior Astronomers - Dead Nostalgia (Vinyl), ever choreographed, its raucous live shows are akin to hearing Ted Leo being played by lads years younger than The Black Lips.

The pains of being pure at heart are nothing next to the joy this truly young-at-heart group offers. Wall - Free Times. Not sure if you like them?

Download it for free, and should you fall in love with them, you can donate to keep them going unsigned bands are perhaps the least financially secure endeavors in the known universe. Soundwise, Junior Astronomers put to rest the commonly held belief that indie is dull by nature. These Charlotte, North Carolina natives are catchy and calculated, but also loud and impulsive, like Ted Leo being played by Bloc Party.

The band is particularly skilled at fusing rambunctious indie rock with more subtle musical motifs. The band is also skilled at creating atmosphere within their songs. However, in this case, the combination creates an appropriately hopeful ending to I Just Want to Little Sister.

Little Dog - Junior Astronomers - Dead Nostalgia (Vinyl) a Statement. Junior Astronomers also do a fantastic job of creating a band-audience connection. The reason Junior Astronomers sophomore EP is so noteworthy is because, despite any downside it might have, it does just about everything right. It is just long enough to satisfy a listener, but too short to bore them. I Just Want to Make a Statement provokes emotion and displays the collective musical prowess of the band.

So, check out Junior Little Sister. Little Dog - Junior Astronomers - Dead Nostalgia (Vinyl), and support local, unsigned artists. Statement made. Charlotte's Junior Astronomers closed out the night and if there wasn't enough sweat in the venue already, the group brought a new intensity to the stage.

The band's indie rock grooves, compiled by additional bass drumming by the singer Terrence Richard, brought new life to the venue as the crowd piled up front and sang along to nearly every word of every song. Songs like "Party and the Parable" were loud and rowdy — as they should be. Fellow Queen City band Harvard is a touch more conventional, pounding on the heavier side of modern rock while singer Jesse Clasen pierces the grunge with his high-pitched croon.

This band is my equivalent of that. I got this EP prob about 6 months ago and have been trying to bring this band through the upstate ever since.

This track like every other on the album bobs and weaves with the best of them, from quieter more introspective moments to loud fist-pumping anthemic outbursts with the drop of a hat.

Thats not to say that this outing is a one-trick pony by any means. You may hear a part repeated once or twice in a song, but usually not because these guys are more interested in letting the song itself lead the way instead of confining it.

Guitarists Philip Wheeler and Jeffrey Saer zig and zag between one another with frequent ease, while bassist Colin Watts and Eli Pittman build, break down and drive the songs with the intensity that only a truly honed in rhythm section can. The only bad thing I can say about this EP is that under this recording a live band is dying to get out, and their energy is hinted at but you can tell it would take an insanely talented producer to be able to properly capture this bands frantic energy.

There is a lot to be said to making a racket. Anyone could do it really — but only few bands really master the art of creating great coherent noise. I generally have three tests when deciding on which bands to feature. The first being listening to them through my computer or streaming them through my fancy internet radio in the kitchen.

Second up its MP3 player time, headphones while walking down to the corner shop. If a band makes it that far, its the difficult car test which seals the final deal. Junior Astronomers passed all three with flying colours or colors seeing as this is about American musicso much so I found myself humming, signing and generally hearing their music in my head for 2 or 3 days after.

It takes a lot to create an earworm. Their music evokes many comparisons in my mind — why not have a listen and see what you think? And while you are at it, have a little read of the interview below. A quartet bound to the loud and impulsive. Gritty and Jangled on some occasions, then a joyous release bordering on celebration on others. The band is preparing to release their sophomore album on Refresh Records in Spring Wheeler dropped out of college in '08 and moved back to Charlotte from Asheville, NC start a band with long-time friend and occasional musical collaborator, Richard, who had led by example and had parted ways with Academics a semester earlier.

The two moved in together to continue work on promising early material and wrote a bulk of JA's early catalog in the following months. In that line up, music that had been well received but slightly out of focus, sharpened and hit an instant chord with local audiences. The 6 songs of 's 'I Had Plans for Us…' was recorded live, mixed and mastered in 3 days at White's home-studio. The boys developed a strong relationship with Hillbert and were very comfortable working with him at Legitimate Business, which shows through on the 20 minute-long EP.

The North Carolina natives are at once engaging and passionate, and the crowds are rarely still; shifting between shouting lyrics along with the consuming intense? Early Little Sister. Little Dog - Junior Astronomers - Dead Nostalgia (Vinyl) seen the band play sellout shows in NYC at the storied Mercury LoungeNashville and, of course, at home in Charlotte as well as places in between.

The performances are unhinged and never over thought. Dead Nostalgia. For two years after the release of their EP, I Just Want to Make a Statement, Junior Astronomers toured, boozed, partied and made bonds all along the east coast and midwest.

Their raucous, energetic live performances carried over into real life. A sense of comfort set in, as it should when you are enjoying being young and celebrating early successes; full seasons spent playing shows and growing.

Then, growing slowed and reflection began. What was after all this? Their early twenties were blurring together along with the older songs, they all felt like distant memories. The place was rich with history for all of them, so they found it perfect to record such a reflective group of songs. What came out of the process was 12 songs that perfectly captured Carolina nights - wandering and wondering.

The excitement to record fueled growth as a band and as people. A year later, poised for more touring and the excitement of releasing their first full length, the Junior Astronomers can finally focus on the future instead of the past.


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  1. Dead Nostalgia by Junior Astronomers, released 26 July 1. Before Crimes 2. Touching War 3. Gimmicks 4. Lisalla 5. Blood In Her Brain 6. Vibrator 7. Neighbors? 8. Worrisome 9. Retrofit Little Sister, Little Dog Dead Nostalgia GI'VER.
  2. Jul 26,  · Little Sister, Little Dog, a song by Junior Astronomers on Spotify you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. × Little Sister, Little Dog By Junior Astronomers. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Little Sister, Little Dog. Featured on Dead Nostalgia. More by Junior Astronomers. Body Language. 6 Music Duration: 3 min.
  3. Dead Nostalgia, an album by Junior Astronomers on Spotify. Little Sister, Little Dog. Dead Nostalgia. Gi'ver. More by Junior Astronomers. Body Language. 6 Weeks in India. FPM. Thank You. I Had Plans for Us. More Junior Astronomers. Listen to Dead Nostalgia now. Listen to Dead Nostalgia in full in the.
  4. Aug 28,  · Junior Astronomers "GIV'ER" off of their debut full-length Dead Nostalgia. Available on vinyl / cd / digital now! Connect with Junior Astronomers and Broken Circles.
  5. Dead Nostalgia. For two years after the release of their EP, I Just Want to Make a Statement, Junior Astronomers toured, boozed, partied and made bonds all along the east coast and midwest. Their raucous, energetic live performances carried over into real life. Little Sister, Little Dog. Dead Nostalgia. GIV'ER.
  6. Junior Astronomers 歌詞 Before Crimes歌詞 GI'VER歌詞 Dead Nostalgia歌詞 Little Sister, Little Dog歌詞 Retrofit歌詞 Worrisome歌詞 Neighbors?歌詞 Vibrator歌詞 Blood in Her Brain歌詞 Lisalla歌詞 Gimmicks歌詞 Touching War歌詞.
  7. Jul 10,  · Junior Astronomers are an indie rock band hailing from Charlotte, NC. The four-piece have released two EPs before getting their new full-length, Dead Nostalgia, into the hands of their audience on July Consisting of 12 songs, the band commands the listener’s attention with their howling vocals, interwoven guitar pieces and bass and drums that hold out the rhythm.
  8. Sep 13,  · Junior Astronomers debut full-length "Dead Nostalgia" available on vinyl / cd / digital now! Connect with Junior Astronomers and Broken Circles.
  9. Little Sister was an American all-female vocal harmony group, which served primarily as the background vocalists for the influential rock/funk band Sly & The Family Stone in concert and on record. Originally a gospel music group called The Heavenly Tones, Little Sister was composed of Vet Stewart (Family Stone frontman Sly Stone's "little sister"), Mary McCreary, and Elva Mouton, and became a.

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