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Her first novel, Goodnight Irene, was written during those years. Goodnight Irene was well received and the Irene Kelly series has grown in popularity with each subsequent novel. Other notable works from the series are Dear Irene and Hocus. Labirint Ozon. Goodnight, Irene. Jan Burke.

Goodnight, Irene is the debut novel in an exciting new mystery series featuring Irene Kelly - reporter, intrepid amateur sleuth, and woman of today - who tracks a murderer obsessed with keeping the past from interfering with the future. In Las Piernas, California, a beach community off the coast of Los Angeles, veteran reporter O'Connor is blown to bits by a bomb; his son is buried alive in the sand; and his best friend and former colleague, Goodnight Irene, Irene Kelly, is nearly killed when a stream of bullets whizzes through the window of her home.

Unwilling to be the next victim in a frightening series of events, and determined to discover who murdered O'Connor, Irene takes it upon herself Goodnight Irene track down the killer.

She begins investigating by digging through O'Connor's files and deciphering his highly secretive, coded notes. Irene soon discovers that her friend was on the verge of solving a thirty-five-year-old Goodnight Irene involving a pregnant woman who was Goodnight Irene murdered and mutilated beyond recognition.

And, this old murder mystery is somehow connected with a current political cover-up Goodnight Irene by a group of local politicians involved in a greedy - and deadly - money-laundering scheme. Irene follows a lead that takes her from her California beach community to a desert Arizona town and back, determined to find out who silenced O'Connor before he could reveal the connection between the old murder mystery and the current money-laundering scheme.

The musician, of course, went on to become one of the most influential African-American artists in history. It was all thanks to " Goodnight Irene.

The song, however, was not written by Leadbelly. Its Goodnight Irene actually stretch back to a song by Gussie L. Davis ina year after Leadbelly was born in Louisiana. Leadbelly said that he learned the song from his uncle. After Leadbelly's "discovery" and consequent fame from the song in the s, The Weavers picked it up and hit number one with it ina year after Leadbelly's death.

If you would like to hear one of Leadbelly's recordings of the song, this YouTube video is believed to be from and takes place in Wilton, Connecticut. Leadbelly was known for a number of great songs and for influencing countless musicians who followed. Inhe was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


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  1. About “Goodnight, Irene” 2 contributors The origin of the song is unclear. Lead Belly was singing a version of it as early as , which he claimed he learned from his uncles Terell and Bob.
  2. Sep 10,  · By far the most interesting story about the American folk song, " Goodnight Irene," comes from none other than folk-blues pioneer Huddie Ledbetter (aka Leadbelly). In , Leadbelly received a pardon from the Governor of Texas after being sentenced for murder.
  3. Irene good night, Irene good night, Good night Irene, good night Irene, I’ll see you in my dreams. Last Saturday night I got married, Me and my wife settled down, Now me and my wife we are parted, I think I’ll go out on the town. Sometimes I live in the country, Sometimes I live in town, Sometimes I take a great notion To jump in the river.
  4. Goodnight Irene goodnight Irene I'll see you in my dreams. Sometimes I live in the country Sometimes I live in town Sometimes I take a big notion To jump in the river and drown. And say Irene goodnight, Irene Irene goodnight Goodnight Irene, goodnight Irene I'll see you in my dreams.
  5. Irene, goodnight, Irene, goodnight, Goodnight, Irene, goodnight, Irene, I'll get you in my dreams I asked your mother for you (What'd she tell him?) She told me that you was too young (She's 18 years old) I wish the lord that I'd never seen your face I'm sorry you ever was born (It broke his heart!) Irene, goodnight, Irene, goodnight, Goodnight.
  6. May 15,  · Directed by Paolo Marinou-Blanco. With Robert Pugh, Nuno Lopes, Rita Loureiro, Amadeu Caronho. Two solitary men embark on a journey to find a missing woman, driven by friendship, a desire for freedom, and a wish to taste life to the fullest/10().
  7. Irene goodnight, Irene goodnight Goodnight Irene, goodnight Irene I'll see you in my dreams I asked your mother for you She told me you was too young I wished to God I'd never seen your face I's sorry you ever was born Irene goodnight, Irene goodnight Goodnight Irene, goodnight Irene I'll see you in my dreams I love Irene, God knows I do I'll.

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