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Date of Birth? Please enter the account owner's birth date here. Tony departs from Sun Hill in November When Beech kills Boulton in a fight and subsequently escapes Claire vows she will track Beech down and bring him to justice.

Claire goes to Sydney determined to get Beech extradited however, the slippery Beech, evades her again. She finally catches up with him as he is leaving on a boat, but rather than watch him escape again she grabs a shotgun from a nearby armed officer and fires it at the boat, which explodes. With Beech apparently dead Claire resigns from the police force and takes a job working in security. After getting information about the heist from a former colleague in the force, Claire applies pressure to the manager, who the police are convinced is involved.

He agrees to get the documents back but Claire is shocked when she sees Beech's girlfriend, Frankie delivering the documents. Convinced that her nemesis faked his death back in Sydney, Claire begins to dig further. Later, she receives an anonymous text message telling her Beech will be meeting a contact in a local cemetery. When Claire arrives at the cemetery, Beech sees her first and bundles her into the boot of his car and takes her to an abandoned MOD bunker.

Beech is desperate to find out how Claire found him and tortures her but she reveals nothing. Instead, she begins to play mind games with him trying to split him from Frankie.

When Beech leaves, Frankie tries to kill Claire by taking her outside and running her over, this fails and Claire escapes and flags down a passing car. Unfortunately the driver is Beech and he takes her back inside. The police are closing in though, two members of Beech's gang are arrested and evidence is found that leads them to the bunker, where Claire and Beech are now trapped after the lock jams. Beech escapes again, up a ventialtion shaft, and watched from nearby as Claire is taken away in an ambulance.

Determined to find Beech, Claire discharges herself from the hospital. She follows Beech's contact who unknowingly leads her right to him. She tells Beech that he is being double crossed but is knocked out when his accomplice returns.

She regains consciousness just in time to follow them and confronts them on the top of a London office building. In the ensuing struggle, Beech is stabbed with a needle containing morphine and Claire manages to get his gun.

Beech taunts her to kill him but she will not give him the easy way out as she sees it and calls the police. Beech is sentenced to life and as he is led away again telling Claire she has nothing left in her life now. He already knew most of the officers at Sun Hill, and they knew him, although they weren't sure if he was in Full Speed Nowhere - Tense Reaction - Black Hole (Vinyl) Inspector Cato's pocket.

He soon proved that he wasn't. In fact he had more run-ins with that tough nut than anyone else. On one occasion he quoted Cato in the minutes of a meeting to say that officers who complain of being assaulted on the streets were wimps. Cato was incensed and told Steele: 'You're dead. He looked after his troops, sometimes at the expense of the higher ranks.

He was the Federation rep for the sergeants, and he took his responsibilities seriously. Straight-laced and hard-working, he was prone to the occasional display of human sympathy. Like most of the officers he talked only rarely of his life at home. But Steele had a partner. She was pregnant but miscarried, and he took it hard. Perhaps that was the cause of his grumpiness. Steele had a snarling presence that caused some of his colleagues to question how far he would go if riled.

These doubts multiplied when an old lag died in the cells at Sun Hill and the finger of suspicion was pointed at Steele. He was exonerated after it transpired that the victim had died from a heart attack but the episode had made him realise who his friends were — and they were so few as to be considered an endangered species.

Stone's father was an inspector in the police force and was accused of raping probationer Kelly Ryan. Stone believed Ryan's allegation, but his mother chose to believe his father, so Stone asked his mother to choose between them. She chose his father, and Stone felt he had to leave home. He then joined the police force "to punish him". Fletcher felt guilty, believing he could have saved the man's life, while Stone believed he had acted appropriately as the man was a violent criminal.

Stone then used the situation to his advantage, using his power over people like Sally to get them to do things they might not normally do. Stone is badly beaten when he steps into an argument between Clarinda Blake and another man. Questioned by Inspector Smith and Sergeant Masters, Blake tells them that someone was trying to steal her bag, but she does not wish to pursue any complaint.

Back at home, Stone finds himself unable to grip his kettle because of his injuries. In a fit of rage, he smashes the kettle by throwing it to the floor. From the photo ID, Stone picks out a "James Cook", but investigations later reveal the person Stone picked out to be imprisoned.

Looking at the photo, Sergeant Masters realises that the image is identical to Tim Hardacre, a person to whom she had recently spoken at Clarinda's pub. They find that James Cook has convictions for Grievous bodily harm but it is then confirmed that he is currently in prison. Tim Hardacre is subsequently arrested and it is found out that he is a drug dealer selling drugs through Clarinda's child and this is why she was beaten up.

In AugustStone's father dies, and Stone turns up uninvited to the funeral. His mother makes it clear that she does not want him there, but Stone insists on staying saying, "When he goes into the ground, I want to be there, so I'm sure". At his father's graveside Stone attempts to speak to his mother, but she makes it clear she has not forgiven him for believing Ryan over his own father.

Looking for some answers, Stone requests the details on the case from the police force and goes to visit Ryan. When Ryan admits to him that she was raped, she gives Stone a letter of apology addressed to her from his father, blaming alcohol for the attack. Stone takes this along with photographic evidence to his mother's house and attempts to show it to her, but she rips up the letter without reading it.

Stone is then thrown out of the house by mourners and told by his mother never to return. Later, Stone goes to his father's graveside where he notices flowers from his mother. In front of the card left in the flowers, Stone places the ripped up letter of apology. PC Barry Stringer first appeared in He replaced PC Ken Melvin who was killed when a car bomb exploded.

In contrast to the then somewhat maverick Dave Quinnan, Stringer was a liberal minded Police Officer. Not that much was revealed about his background. He is from Birmingham and it is presumed that this is where he transferred from.

In one instance Stringer falls for an attractive lady who has been burgled, although it is later revealed that she set up the robbery with her brother.

Although only at Sun Hill for three years, Stringer has an eventful stint at the station. In he is nearly killed after being left dangling over the edge of a warehouse, after he chases a suspect later revealed to have stabbed Sgt Alec Peters.

The following year he is mugged on his way to work. Stringer takes over as Police federation representative from PC Reg Hollis, much to the latter's annoyance. Following a row with Chief Inspector Cato he resigns from the post.

He is not actually shown leaving Sun Hill, although DC Carver later reveals that he has transferred, when his name is mentioned in conjunction with a case that DI Johnson is looking into. Chief Inspector Paul Stritcha fast track university graduate, was abrasive and not afraid of being confrontational with those in the station.

He was Phillip Cato's short-term replacement at Sun Hill, transferring from Scotland Yard where he lectured senior officers on the issue of public order. A man of discipline, he always stuck rigidly to the rules and kept a tight rein on his officers. He also had a faultless knowledge of police procedure and could sometimes lack tact when telling older, more experienced officers, what to do.

Stritch lived in the Section House for a while, and supervised the interviews of officers involved in a brawl there one evening. He also introduced a new exercise whilst at the station to monitor response times. The relief developed a grudging respect for the man when Loxton was relieved of a murder charge due to his swift intervention. PC Kerry Young first met him when his neighbour complained about him flashing at his window.

He managed to keep her quiet, although she told her husband Luke Ashton, who was paired with Tait for his first shift at Sun Hill. The pair became close friends and Tait was forced to admit he was having issues with his ex-girlfriend Kim, and introduced Ashton to his daughter Emily. Ashton then told Tait he was gay, hence why his relationship with Young broke down.

When Young outed Ashton to the entire relief and slept with Full Speed Nowhere - Tense Reaction - Black Hole (Vinyl) Sergeant Dale Smith, Ashton flipped out and tried to get an armed robber to shoot him. When the gun backfired, Ashton decided to leave Sun Hill, with Tait consoling Young after making her realise she still loved Ashton. When Davies was killed in a hit and run, Tait helped Kin nail the loan shark responsible, and the pair came to an agreement for the sake of Emily. When babysitting for Sergeant Sheelagh Murphy, Cameron was stunned when he found her daughter Niamh unresponsive, and she tragically died.

Murphy initially blamed Tait, but the post mortem revealed Niamh had a hole in her heart. Kidnapping Tait and Murphy, Taviner was intent on killing Tait, however he let him go after a heart to heart.

When Young was tasked with chaperoning a bank manager tied down by a bomb, Tait took the opportunity to get the truth from Young. During their argument, Young took her eye of the bank manager, who was blown up in his panic. Tait announced to DS Samantha Nixon in the debrief that Young had been raped, who was forced to go public. When she decided against filing charges against Smith, Tait ended their relationship.

In his final weeks at Sun Hill, Tait decided to restart his relationship with Young and she accepted a sudden proposal. However, when Gabriel Kent accused Young of leading him on, violently raping her.

When she refused to report it, Tait broke their engagement off. Tait became close to PC Honey Harman when they dealt with a tragic call, two kids drowning when a car they were in rolled into the River Thames. Goading Tait into assaulting him, Kent ended his career by insisting on pressing charges. Tait decided to return to Australia, and after failing to convince Young to join him, he persuaded Kim to head over with him and Emily.

In his first week, Tavell messed up by sending an innocent woman round to the home of a rapist to collect her handbag. When he attacked her, Tavell was criticised by Nixon and Perkins. Tavell left Sun Hill in January to pursue a life in the sun with his spouse, Michael. His decision to leave was somewhat based on the death of PC Lance Powell. After the death of Chief Inspector Derek ConwayDes is determined to make the largest donation to a collection going around the station.

When apprehending a teenage suspect he finds to be in possession of a large sum of money, Des steals the money and contributes it to the collection for Chief Inspector Conway.

After finding out that the notes are counterfeit, Des panics and decides to destroy the notes under cover of the commotion caused by race riots occurring outside the station. In perhaps his most famous scene, Des throws a petrol bomb into Inspector Andrew Monroe 's office, where the notes are being kept.

At this time, Sun Hill is in the middle of redevelopment, and there are some highly inflammable items in the building. Des's petrol bomb causes the famous Sun Hill fireleading to the deaths of six police officers. After working to conceal his role in the fire, Des frames an extremist and then goes on leave in an attempt to put the events behind him. Upon returning to Sun Hill, Des risks his own life to save a victim trapped in a burning car.

While being treated for his injuries, Des confesses his crimes to Reg, and after becoming convinced his colleague will turn him in, he contemplates suicide. When Reg tells him he thought he had suffered enough, Des decides he will just have to put the whole thing behind him the best he can.

Not long afterward, he starts falling for Sheelagh Murphyand upon getting her pregnant, he is prepares to settle down and raise a family with her. His past comes back to haunt him however, when he confesses his role in the Sun Hill fire to her, and she demands he confess to Superintendent Adam Okaro. Once more believing his time is up, Des drives himself and Reg into a burning building.

Reg is rescued, however nothing more than the remains of Des's radio are recovered. Unknown to the officers at Sun Hill, Des faked his own death to go on the run. While on the run, Des meets up with Sheelagh and asks her to join him with the baby. She refuses and reveals to him that the baby had died, and that it had happened while PC Cameron Tait had been babysitting. Des immediately takes Cameron hostage, however he soon comes to realise that he actually blames himself, and he is just using Cameron to compensate.

He releases Cameron unharmed, Full Speed Nowhere - Tense Reaction - Black Hole (Vinyl). Regardless, he once more asks Sheelagh to join him on the run and this time she agrees. But Des does not know that she is working undercover for MIT to bring him to justice.

The MIT plans fail, and Des is forced back into hiding. He surfaces one more time to apologise to Reg for all the grief he put him through, however Inspector Gold had suspected he would attempt to contact his best friend again and had been watching him. Des is arrested for the murder of his colleagues and taken into custody. While awaiting trial, Des is beaten unconscious by a manic depressive and was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Hugh's Hospital. PC Leon Taylor is damaged: the all-consuming love of his life, Natalie was killed in an RTA — now all he has left is the job he's been in for six years.

He hasn't got over his partner's death; he doesn't really want to. Though somewhat brooding and serious-minded, Leon also has a dry-wit and charming manner which makes him popular with the relief. However, when pushed his personality has a tendency to give way to contempt and aggression.

Leon is a reliable officer and not a rule breaker. He doesn't want to lose the job that keeps him sane — although he'd happily kill the driver involved in Natalie's death without batting an eyelid.

DC Rob Thatcher was full-of-himself, mouthy, sexist and opinionated with an innate ability to wind people up. He joined the force in his mid-twenties after his father's shooting at the hands of the notorious Radford family. He also realised that his race would open doors and give him an easy ride.

He was a ducker and diver, using his colour to make sure he didn't do anything he didn't want to do. He wasn't interested in sympathising with victims; he just wanted to nick the bad guys.

Rob made Detective Sergeant by the age of 32 and this was where he planned to stay. DS gave him enough power to boss people around and pick the best cases, but not enough to mean any real responsibility. However, Rob was then demoted to DC after he and some colleagues stopped in at a pub for a quick drink during work hours. Things got a bit rowdy and there was an incident in which a DC got into trouble. As his DS, Rob was held responsible.

All Rob's worst nightmares came true when he discovered he was being transferred to Sun Hill to work under Samantha Nixon. Rob was Samantha's boss for a while when she was a DC but she rose quickly through the ranks to overtake him. Rob wasn't stupid and strongly suspected his transfer to Sun Hill to work under a black Superintendent was no coincidence. He knew he had to be more careful about playing the race card with Adam around. Although he shied away from race-related cases, out on the street Rob was at his most effective when dealing with cases involving black culture and he surprised his colleagues by dropping into the street patois where necessary.

Rob had a very high opinion of himself when it came to women. Despite his vociferous chauvinism, he never seemed to have any trouble getting women into bed. But he'd never had a relationship that lasted longer than a few months and although he was perfectly happy, his fortieth birthday was approaching and there came a time when he started to crave a more permanent companionship.

When the Radford family re-emerged in Sun Hill, Rob became more desperate than ever to nail them for his father's death. Realising that he could do nothing through official channels, Rob went AWOL, before re-emerging with a gun in a stand off between him, Irene Radford and armed police officers.

Irene died first and then Rob, in turn, was shot dead by the SO19 officers present. Stuart Turner is confident, up-front and intelligent. He joined the Sun Hill team after a spell at a West End nick. After graduating from university, he initially went into teaching, but the curriculum, day-to-day routine and endless rounds of disciplining unruly kids became tedious. He longed for more of a challenge and when his friend told him he was joining the Met, Stuart signed up too.

Deeply competitive, Stuart went on to surpass his mate at Hendon and got his first choice of borough posting. Stuart has worked his way up the ranks quite swiftly. He joined the job and instantly knew that uniform wasn't for him. His strengths always lay in detection and interviewing suspects. He loves nothing more than lulling a suspect into a false sense of security in an interview then delivering the killer question that pulls the rug from under them.

Stuart's a natural leader with apparent integrity, and takes an intellectual approach to his work. He always keeps abreast of the latest theories and can quote from psychology journals. However, he doesn't like getting his hands dirty and is happy to leave the arrests to uniform or his DCs — they can break the rules for a collar but shouldn't expect his back-up if it goes pear shaped. Stuart has only had one mentionable relationship since joining Sun Hill, with Samantha Nixon.

They quickly become serious, and move in together. When Sam discovers she is pregnant, Stuart is worried about his future, and is relieved when she has a miscarriage, which is the main cause for Stuart left Sun Hill with Superintendent John Heatonafter Heaton asked him, DC Walkerand Inspector Weston to join him at his new station. Immediately upon his arrival at the station, he was selected for a tricky undercover operation for CID in which he marked himself out as a highly skilled and committed officer.

A graduate of Cambridge University where he read archaeology, anthropology and modern history, Turnham spent a year teaching before joining the Met. His father was a senior civil servant and his mother a GP. As well as being academically able, Turnham enjoyed the physical aspects of the job; he was a good hockey player and also enjoyed the occasional game of tennis which came from his university days.

His fellow officers found him a bit dull, and were uncomfortably aware that he was exactly the kind of police officer who was approved by the hierarchy these days. In many ways, Sun Hill was merely a lowly rung on Turnham's ladder to the top. They viewed him slightly differently when Quinnan revealed that he had an affair with a senior officer's wife whilst at their old nick.

Such a scandal might have damaged most careers but with Turnham's connections even that could not prevent a successful application to join Special Branch. Roger is faithful in the fight to uphold law and order, but he also firmly believes the Met has become too soft and politically correct.

His views are usually dismissed by most of his colleagues, but occasionally frowned upon by some. Roger is present amongst many other uniformed officers in policing a gig at the Bombastic night club due to the tensions between Sun Hill police and the black community. Fights break out between the police and clubgoers outside, prompting the decision of Acting Sergeant Yvonne Hemmingway to allow people inside the club. Due to severe overcrowding, an overhead balcony collapses, and several people are crushed to death trying to escape.

As Roger and his colleague PC Lewis Hardy stay behind to help firefighters and paramedics with the injured, an overhead lighting rig suddenly breaks loose and falls. Roger manages to push Lewis aside but is knocked to the ground by the scaffolding.

Although he physically recovers, Roger is severely traumatised by the event. Eventually he is diagnosed with Post-traumatic stress disorder and is sent on indefinite leave.

He spends several months wishing he was dead but is never able to commit suicide. Eventually he is discovered in hospital after a drinking binge. After being discharged, he visits an off-licence, which is under-siege. Roger seizes on the opportunity to die and bars the robber's exit, taunting him to shoot him.

The robber complies with his wishes; however the gun malfunctions and backfires on the robber. Roger later breaks down after realising he did not want to die. He is slowly on the road to rehabilitation. Roger has been accused of being a racist a few times by the public.

Lewis Hardy 's cousin, Dominic, who as a criminal suspect has been interviewed by Roger, tells Lewis he believes Roger is a racist. Lewis then starts to pick up on little things Roger says and threatens him with official complaints on several occasions.

After the Bombastic night club incident, when Roger saves Lewis's life by pushing him out of the way of the light rig, Lewis does not follow up on the racism issue.

Although he seems to get on with Roger thenceforth, their professional relationship is nevertheless, strained. Roger had a short affair with June Ackland which also leads to hate from Jim Carver. Roger stayed until the final episode. DC Kezia Walker has a passion in life — nicking villains. She is a natural thief taker and a gutsy, working-class girl. She was adopted and brought up in a care home. Kezia arrives at Sun Hill fresh out of uniform, and still on her trainee period.

Having grown tired of passing cases onto CID and never seeing the end result, Full Speed Nowhere - Tense Reaction - Black Hole (Vinyl) decided to become a detective herself in order to hopefully see more results. Upon arriving at Sun Hill she immediately rushes into a rape case, and becomes obsessed with catching the man responsible.

Kezia recently provided information about another rape case but was excluded from the case by Manson, who told her the suspect may have recognised her; really he was thinking she'd blow the case like she'd done several times before — but she didn't, instead helping to Full Speed Nowhere - Tense Reaction - Black Hole (Vinyl) the culprit behind the rape attacks.

Kezia was promoted to a fully fledged Detective Constable in Autumn Kezia transferred to a new station in July along with Supt. John HeatonInsp. While good at his job he was more interested in getting results than in making friends and often rubbed his colleagues up the wrong way. On his first night shift at Sun Hill he single-handedly went after a dangerous con-man spotted in the area and clashed with June Ackland over his methods.

Mickey was immediately attracted to new colleague DC Kate Spearsand they had a one-night stand, after which Kate made it clear that she wasn't interested in a relationship. One of Mickey's biggest cases was going undercover with a gang of football hooligans to expose a man called 'The Napp' by his friends. This case involved people to back Mickey up when undercover; Debbie McAllister, posed as his girlfriend;and Dave Quinnan and Paul Riley, both posed as his employees.

Debbie, however, endangered Mickey when she came to the pub and caused 'The Napp' to doubt whether she was who she said she was. During this undercover operation Mickey formed a close bond with one of the gang members, Gary Hughes, and told him a childhood story about his father's violence towards him and his mother, which he insisted was true even after it was revealed that he was a police officer.

Gary ended up being killed by 'The Napp' when he was being arrested. This is Billie's story and it's about so much more than her sister's anorexia. Billie is a rather typical suburban teenager, coping not only with her sister's illness, but also with pressure from her parents to do well on the SAT test, learning how to drive, dealing with a popular boyfriend who wants more from her than she's willing to give, and a best friend with a colorful family who simply disappears one day.

One can't help but fall in love with Billie. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her story and because of Hanauer's talent for storytelling, I look forward to reading more of her work. Read more 5 people found this helpful Helpful Comment Report abuse R. Straw 5.

It takes the reader on a journey through the mind of, not the patient, but the patient's sister, who knows, partially, the other sister's secret.

The secret being anorexic. The book delves into the games that anorexia plays with it's glamourizaion, and it's consumption on the person that has the disorder. The book also delves into how the family feels, from denial, to the education, to the feelings during treatment. I loved this book. It's ending, though, is kind of like a pause, or a sudden stop. You are left wondering, questioning, did the sister completely recover?

Is there still hope for her? You read it, and figure it out for yourself. Read more Helpful Comment Report abuse kim mcgee 4. The topic of anorexia is explored and depicted realistically without being overly dramatic.

Nothing is resolved in the end which makes it all the more compelling. Read more Helpful Comment Report abuse hm 3. Reviewed in the United States on June 8, Verified Purchase This is a coming-of-age novel about a young woman with a very difficult family, an unreliable friend, and the confusion of young love.

Her father is overbearing and demanding, her mother is submissive, and her sister has developed a severe eating disorder. Her family doesn't deal well with this. But still this book is funny and tender. It doesn't focus on or dramatize the eating disorder, which would have cheapened the book. See and discover other items: jersey cityfor sister There's a problem loading this menu right now.

Her sister, Cassie, has always been her touchstone, the person she turns to for advice and guidance, the person whose opinion means the most to her. In Billie Weinstein we meet a character as funny, vivid, and endearing as any in recent memory, and watch her transformation as she achieves freedom from the seemingly unbreakable web of family ties. Funny and idiosyncratic, elegant and simple. Hanauer paints a disturbing picture of the horrific effects of anorexia on patient and family.

Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Nuala Ellwood. Only 8 left in stock more on the way. Register a free business account. At sixteen, Billie Weinstein has plenty of problems: She's the only Jewish girl living in the all-Italian neighborhood of West Berry, NJ; she's trying hard to please her know-it-all father who listens to opera at full volume and drives full speed, and her too-accommodating mother who is either taking care of Billie's father, or Billie and her sister, or the two dogs; and on top of everything else, her older sister Cassie goes off to college, leaving Billie to fend for herself.

Read more. Product details Item Weight : Start reading on your Kindle in under a minute. Customer reviews. How are ratings calculated? Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Verified Purchase. This story does a great job of showing the way a toxic narcissistic parent like a controlling father can cause his children to develop mental health problems by demanding unattainable perfection for their whole lives, so that by the time they leave home, they don't even feel worthy of a decent meal.

I kept reading; hoping for more. This author doesn't "let" you figure it all out. One person found this helpful. This book is well written. This is a coming-of-age novel about a young woman with a very difficult family, an unreliable friend, and the confusion of young love. See all reviews. Pages with related products. See and discover other items: jersey cityfor sister.

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  3. At sixteen, Billie Weinstein has plenty of problems: She's the only Jewish girl living in the all-Italian neighborhood of West Berry, NJ; she's trying hard to please her know-it-all father who listens to opera at full volume and drives full speed, and her too-accommodating mother who is either taking care of Billie's father, or Billie and her sister, or the two dogs; and on top of everything /5(26).
  4. Titled Nowhere Land and reportedly composed while touring to support their debut, Crystal Gazer (review here), the record has already sold through a significant portion of its initial pressing. Karkara ‘s Bandcamp page as of this writing has just 32 copies of its total still available, so it seems fair to expect those might go before.
  5. The Black Hole is a science fiction movie directed by Gary Nelson. It stars Maximilian Schell, Robert Forster, Joseph Bottoms, Yvette Mimieux, Anthony Perkins, and Ernest lissetetaripa.niticarpetemetchblogmenretapterwna.co voices of the main robot characters in the film are provided by Roddy McDowall and Slim Pickens (both uncredited). The music for the movie was composed by John Barry.
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  9. Sep 15,  · The most recent insult handed down by the smirking, sneering Permanent Secretary To The Scottish Government to the people of Scotland, who she ostensibly works for and who pay her enormous salary (she gets more than either Nicola Sturgeon or Boris Johnson, and who knows, possibly even slightly more than Peter Murrell), is a crass and dismissive one even by her extraordinary .

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