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Nevertheless we now find the grey Jamaican filly as one of the first favourites while another from that island is also well up in the betting. This is Sun Glee. When I saw her last Coritmas 1 thought so and now from all accounts she has come on a lot. She had her first gallop in Trinidad last Thursdey just over 50 seconds. She left Barbados showing a lot more zest for work than she did last December, and, being the only two-year-old I have ever seen win her sprint faster than the B class horses on the same day I have never ceased to be impressed by her.

It will certainly take a very good one to beat her. I am surprised that we have not heard anything of Fair Profit and very little of Lazy Bones. Of course it is to be expected that Mr. Leo Williams will not allow us to see what Fair Profit ean do before race day. She even turned away in disappointment and was only attracted again when her husband informed her that he was passing them one by one Since then poor Fair Profit has been under a cloud due to his twa defeats at Union Park.

Your guess is as good as mine whether he will come from under this shadow in the Trial Stakes. The small grey gelding Lazy Bones is perhaps having a light pre- paration.

He is the type that tucks up quickly and maybe this ex- plains the absence of his name from the reports of the gallops. In my book I still have him ahead of Princess Rassiyya but I shall have to wait until after the race for confirmation. There is one sure thing about the Trial. It is going to be a good race and I am looking for an equally good one to win it.

THE T. The great mare left here last Sunday but naturally she has not had her first pipe opening gallop yet. This will probably come to-day. However she is not going to have an easy race.

I notice that Devon Market has been showing very good form at exercise. He is the one I expect to be the most dangerous although it is possible that his owner will send him in the B class six. But I think his chances in the T. Plate will be better. Then there will be the two Jamaican Derby winners whom she will also have to handle.

The first, our old friend Blue Streak, and the second Applemoney. The former, as we already know, is capable of turning in a rousing finish when conditions suit him and as the track will probably be on the soft side I expect he will not disap- point us.

With regard to Applemoney, he is still rather obscure. Early in the week it was reported that he had a long plodding action and that he went fairly slowly over about a mile. On Thursday, he is said to have toyed with Swan Bay. Neither means very,much to me, In the first place, his long plodding action might mean that he was not being let down or that he is a slow plodding type.

Secondly, to toy with Swan Bay is no criterion. She is one of the worst of the importeds I know at present. It is quite definite that Applemoney will need a good turn of foot to win in this company. He will there- fore have to do a lot more than plod along to be in the money at the finish. Pepper Wine. I expect, will see to that, Looking over the other events on the programme I see little to add to what I wrote last Sunday, except that Identify unfortunately broke down and this leaves the Maiden with only four runners.

Bethel, the jitters. Wise is the sufferer from headache or nerve pain who keeps a supply of Phensic! It is good to know that you can always have the certain relief of Phensic. Alec gives lesson No. Masier red hearer 3, than 2, runs while Mr. Watch them closely next tim. Master has a full and complete range of scoring strokes Mr. The scoring strokes in cricket can be divided into two main categories; those played with a straight bat and those played with a cfoss bat.

Remember, a straight bat is a safe bat, But a man who can drive with- out knowing how to play the cross- bat shots will not score many runs; his shots will be blocked. So let us examine a few of the more unorthodox, and admittedly tricky shots. First, the leg side shots: the hook, pull, and sweep. The hook and the pull probably, from the viewpoint, the most dangerous of THE PULL Be sure to pivot on the back foot all shots to play, and, untill really mastered, should not be attempted in match play.

So get down to it at nets and master them. How They Differ N most respects the stroke i the same to slightly different balls. This time it is pulled round towards square leg boundary. But remember this: you can pull slow bowling but you cannot hook it.

In both shots the right leg must be moved backwards and across the wicket outside the line of flight of the ball. He shou! A large portion has been rebuilt, and this is expected to result in higher average speeds, even Open to public traffic by day the track is closed except to the racing cars for four hours at night. Mith that tongue her hea This wonderful sensation is wonderfully easy to get.

Just ee eae yg thoes me shower yourself all over with Cashmere Bouquet Taleum Powder, after every bath, every bathe. C, cables, wires and flex. When you are thinking of redecorating the rooms in which you live, picture how attractive you can make them with One Cheating?

All MA el! De rison, was taken over by the Ves- claimed they were completely f t he attempted to P try of St. Only 16 per cent. Other puxposes. Poli modern science can provide still ensind. Pier re, sticking three feet in the ground. The failure of this expe- their food with the rest, can be cured of cannibalism by psycho- Officers being Irish Roman Cath- logical treatment U.

Thc inhabitants of the Island had to provide for their accommodation so a building programme was carried out and a number of new forts and batteries were erected At the commencement of the eighteenth century the fortifica- tions amounted to twenty-two forts and batteries armed with put into weedy ponds some of the biggest invariably move into secluded spots, shunning the shoal, except when they strike to snap up some straggling young- ster. But scientists found that if the weeds are cleared so that all the fish are forced to mingle the gangsters soon develop a social conscience and return to a non- fish diet.

Two ned to the strength oe at defraying- the charges of fortify- breastworks of stone. In England was again at war with France, and the House themselves into the regiment of their own district. Nowss, Yes, tonight To co-operating nations, they reach full stature before they if you use Lustre-Creme Shampoo today! Organisation, Washington. At Miami they all escaped Atomic Materials Ridge, Tennessee, to be used either medically or on research, pro- vided the results are made known to all.

So rich-lathering in hardest water. Leaves hair ragrantly clean, shining, and so manageable. Try Lustre-Creme! E cent. In the nineteenth century Barbados was head- to the earth; the garden wa quarters of the Imperial Forces in the Windward and Leeward Islands, swepi of every plant. Distance makes no difference. Write to The Bennett College and learn how thousands of people just like you have reached the top with the right guidance. If you like your work well done, you'll be more than pleased with any one of them.

Motor Oil NOW For those tough, they will save you doth time and mone. Crankcase drained, flushed with Esso Flushing Oil, 2. Refilled with 5 qts. YVAN has cu. Phone. It was a co- ordinated collection by the Asso- ciated Millinery Designers of London held in the glittering ballroom of the Dorchester in Mayfair, and it marked the end of Fashion Fortnight.

We feel it is a pity that dress manufacturers do not get together in the same way. As some of the hats were trimmed with mutation mink and paradise plumes, this was under- standable.

Tangerella was a soft shade of tangerine, with a tinge of rust in it. Khamseen was a stone beige, with a yellow hue, and Golders Green was all its name implies.

About a hundred came from overseas. What did they like best about the hats? The exquisite workman- ship, the stitched draping, and the immaculate finish. Small the shape is small, but not too small, Many dip to one side, and many more have the new forward sweep. There seemed to be an Eastern influence about some of the hats. Trimmings were the loveli- est yet. Tiny golden bells tin! A frivolous touch Was added by an enormous sweep of brilliant green net which tied round and tell to the waist at the back.

Small hats for cocktail time were often in black satin or velvet trimmed with sequins, ewels, or gold studded tulle. There was a 3utgestion of flight in many by double winged ,feath- ers, by twisted felt curved at the sides, and by huge split brims.

There is a return to the very feminine draped bonnet, and sev- eral shown were demure affairs in pink velvet, with bows at the back. A large ostrich feather curled round one ear to form a catherine wheel, im: vivid flame colour, on tiny cloche. As a point of interest they all, look alike Hats and Hair Then Raymonde, famous May- fair nair-dresser arrived. Dutallais showed a drap- ed beret in Khamseen and black velvet. And the hats that we all remembered when the show was over?

A close-fitting cloche composed of feathers in autumn shades of bronze and gold, with a waving feather curled like a question mark above.

Butter- yellow birds of paradise nestling ina green velvet hat. Lynch Of all the problems which beset the young writer, and particular- ly the young poet, in the West In- dies, none is more difficult and dangerous then that caused by the lack of publishers. Elsewhere a man must be very rich or very vain or im a very great hurry be- fore he pays to have his work published; he will send it on its rounds of likely publishing firms. There are not very many of them, and they are, as the title suggests, mainly poems of emotion.

And who is Mr. Way Ahead. There is no slackening in demand. A 2s, 6d. And here is another prose writ- er of perennial popularity. Name, Winston S, Churchill, Bookshops have ordered more copies of The Grand Alliance, coming July 20, than of the first two volumes 9: his war memoirs.

But too much of the writing consists of abstract im- eges, loose, unevocative phrasing, which makes one wish Michael Lynch had waited, could have had the useful discipline of re- jection and disappointment. Ill done it is as flat on the ear as an advertisement.

I look forward to his next volume with considerable pleasure. Earl Calif. Gov Fu Fla. Frank football c: achWil- liam F. Sinelair novelistJohn L union ehieftainJoe E. John E. FBI Herbert ex-President Fred comedianGracie comedienneHervey novelist For two of the three coins must come down either tails or heads, Suppose the two alike are heads, Then the third coin may just as well a head as a tail so the chance is an even one that Aghia Teodoti Orchestra - Ten different ways to fly (CD) third coin will be a head.

I the reasoning correct? When no one will take it What is it that is always put off until the very last second? Sometimes we go down chimneys. Watch for their first appearance in your store. All the endeavours of government and control boards have been unable to stem the ris- ing cost of existence. It is well known that the official index is only a very rough guide to the true increase in the cost of living.

It is therefore not surprising that the people of Barbados should watch with some anxiety the income tax rates that are finally fixed. It has been the tendency in recent years to adopt a policy of soaking the rich. In carrying out this policy those mainly responsible for shouldering the burden of taxation have carried the gov- ernmental expense of this island to an unfair advantage. The time has come when politicians should have realised that the attempt to tax out of existence one parti- cular economic group is not conducive to the economic well-being of the island.

It is time that the exemptions which are granted should be subject to review. It would seem much fairer that parents should be allowed to deduct the cost of education from their income tax returns.

This slpuld be taken up to the fees for a University education with a reasonable allowance made for the cost of living in England, Canada or what- ever country the child is studying in. Parents should be encouraged to give their children a University education. Such an education is of benefit not only to the child but to the island. It may be argued that the cost of running the govern- ment will not allow any further allowances being given.

But has an investigation been carried out which shows that all those who ought to be paying income tax are doing so? This system is in use in England and by its operation many who would have evaded income tax are now caught. In Barbados those who pay income tax comprise too small a proportion of the population and while it is argued that this is due to the mal-distribution of wealth in the community, it is probable that it is no less due to the fact that because of the labour situation many whose incomes qualify them to pay income tax escape doing so because they are not readily assessable.

In this island, too, the same persons or firms are expected to subscribe to every charity that is making a collection.

It is only right that they should not have to pay income tax on such parts of their income as by custom or their own generosity they give to deserving charities. Taxation in Barbados, particularly in its direct forms, needs careful investigation and revision. The points mentioned above should be borne in mind and the burden of Oil: Whither? By Sagittarius Few pieces of legislation cre- ated the bitter controversy which centred around the Petroleum Act. That Act ranged Barbados along- side those countries which were pres to ignore the accumu- ted wisdom of the ages, Bar- bados by this sorry experiment Was committed to dangerous pro- those who proclaimed on making of among other engineered it.

Act was passed in and was 26th The Act made provision for the appointment of Rights Commission and regulations things vide for the manner in which ap- taxation would be more equitably distri- buted. In Barbados the supply falls far short of the demand in three particular fields.

The lack of doctors at the hospital throws an unsupportable burden on that and the absence of a trained number of nurses makes the situation criti- cal. In the teaching profession the shortage oi properly qualified masters is placing the educational programme of the island in jeopardy and the absence of trained admin- istrative officers is gravely delaying gov- ernment work of the greatest importance.

The problem resulting from the difficulty of obtaining the services of specialists is not, however, peculiar to Barbados, The problem is one that all members of the Colonial Empire face in varying degrees.

It is due to arrears of war-time recruit- ment, normal replacements on retirement, resignation and expiration of short-term contracts and to the extension of many services and to the fact that many people are availing themselves of medical and educational facilities who did not do so previously. An editorial in the Crown Colonist of this month draws attention to the seri- ous nature of the problem. In Barbados the time has come when the net should be thrown wider for applicants. Canadian and even American doctors should be encouraged to come to Barbados to work.

With the recent increases in salary which have been given the Barbadian ser- vice is not unattractive, although it con- tinues true that the island will not retain the services of overseas personnel after the expiration of their contractual time until leave passages are, given.

In the Administrative field the govern- ment should adopt a bold policy. Barbados can give the lead by carrying into effect now certain of the recommend- ations contained in that Report. Every year boys and girls leave school who have great ability Aghia Teodoti Orchestra - Ten different ways to fly (CD) who are only prevented from furthering their studies because of econo- mic reasons.

The jobs open to such persons at present in many cases do not utilise to the full the capabilities of such persons. In the meantime those posts which can be filled should be filled without further delay. At present there are still a large number of posts vacant which could be filled by persons presently available. The long term difficulty will remain. It is essential that steps be taken to ensure that trained personnel be avail- able as without it the schemes for a pro- gressive advance of the peoples of the area will be shipwrecked, As for the wider point raised by the Crown Colonist is the Colonial Office doing all it can to attract candidates from the Colonies themselves.?

Would end of school talks at Lodge and Harrison College by representatives of the Colonial Office not attract some of the intefligent products of the school into offering themselves as con- tributions towards reducing the shortage now so anxiously proclaimed?

The people of Barbados are left wondering whether the government are try- ing to sidestep the Legislature by embodying in the licence granted those matters contemplated by The April, an Ancillary for the whicn would pro- cess of tampering with private plications for licences to prospect 7 ; F rights.

The representatives of the for oil in Barbados would be 7 ea rea inteas va nnd aad fit 2 vest in the Gov- granted. Up to the present no 3] r gu ons, ernor-in. Protect We have The duchess sells refreshments in the garden. Should I tip her or not? You done very nicely, Everythink nice and clean, and service with a smile. But all the same Schwimmer walked Magel walked 18,75 miles.

They feel the children are needed to fight. Little Sadie After the wife of an Okla- homa farmer had been award. Little Sadie? Did I have a little girl called Sadie? Sure you did, Mom. She had blue eyes and golden hair. Twenty-three of you had blue eyes and golden hair. But little Sadie had measles, Mom. Did she have croup, too? She sure did, Mom. So did the whole durn lot of you.

And you all had whooping cough, chicken pox and mumps. So what? Well, Mom, little Sadie How queer was this here Sadie? You remember when all the chickens died, Mom, and you found liquid cement in the corn mash?

Yeah, I remember. That was little Sadie, Mom. So that was little Sadie, huh? And you remember, Mom, one Independence night, there was fireworks under your bed and you caught alight?

That was little Sadie, too? Yeah, that was little Sadie. The dear little girl. Oh, poor little Sadie. Why did you have to tell me such an awful thing, you cruel, wicked boy? I shall cry. But to this criticism Dr. It is easier to get them used to the traditions of our great school.

Rain- ette Portevoix, late of the Brebis Morte, in the Rue Rogomme, The governors wish to know what qualifications for head matron a twenty-sevent-year-old Parisian cabaret artist can possibly have.

Dr, Smart-Allick is trying to think ef the right answer, Dr. Its central doctrine is: I do not think, there- fore 1 am not. That unfortunate advice placed the people of Barbados in the position that the gas supply was in imminent danger of being cut off. The Act was proclaimed without any of the necessary steps having been taken to en- sure that it would occasion a dis- cuption of an important public utility. The exact terms of the licence granted to Gulf Corporation re- main shrouded in secrecy and landowners in Barbados remain in uncertainty as to the effect of the licence upon their property, There is great talk of democracy in the island to-day but never has government business which vitally affects the public been t Neautisme of Pierre Tombale.

In Passing NXIOUS to reassure the public that they are getting their money's worth, scientists announced that the newest atom bomb, stocked in small sizes, is just as powerful an agent of destruction as the bigger sizes. Be reassured. For the 34,ton Caronia, launched by Princess Elizabeth.

Then the Caronia will go south ty New Zealand and Australia. Does the govern- ment intend to make regulations if none have yet been made? Or is it their intention to by pass the Legislature and keep the question of oil outside the purview of the Legislature?

Oil is promised as the saviour of Barbados. Are not the people entitled to know how the saviour is to operate? A spate of ugly rumours. In the land- born vessel, soldiers. The ft, high funnel of the oil ship was made out of oil drums. It has been built for them by the Dartmouth firm that built their first schooner in The schooner, the George Holt, is still on the active list in the South Atlantic. Only then will the oil in- dustry have a chance to function to the benefit of the people of Barbados, Only then will the pub- lic be properly informed into the background of the deal which has been made.

Action should not be post- poned. Not only should land- owners know where they stand but the American Company should be assured before they start oper- ations that the authority which has been given to them is in con- formity with the Act under which it is purported to be given and that they are protected by the law for the operations which they propose to undertake. Eric G. James, M. Ninety-five reg- istrations have already been re- ceived for this course.

Th2 speaker will be Mr. Dear, Barrister-at-Law, on July wo. On July 17 Mr. The final lecture for the month will be given on July 31 by Mr. Meeting of the Scout Patrol Leaders and Seconds at 5. Joseph yesterday morning, were extensively dam- aged. Lloyd and Louis Bowen, the riders of two of the cycles, were injured in the face and head but Clayton Brathwaite, the other rider, escaped, His cycle was only slightly damaged.

Joseph, was involved in an accident at the corner of Jem- motts Lane and Collymore Rock on Friday evening. Also involved was motor car M. The cycle was dam- aged. Joseph at about 7. The first will be a Private Show on Monday for patients at the St.

Newcastle Plantation yard is the site chosen for a show on Wednesday. This show will be for residents of the Martins Bay and Newcastle areas of St. John, The Cinema will visit St. The last show for the week will be private one at the Govern- ment Industrial Schools, St.

He said, however, that he was fearful for the future with prices of everything rising the way they are at present. She was convinced that the house she oc- cupies is not even worth what she is paying to-day.

She could not do any better, however, she explained, because houses were too difficult to get, and if she moved out, someone would move in next day and even pay more than she was paying just to get somewhere to live.

Housing Schemes Wanted She said she hoped the Govern- ment would soon develop their housing schemes like the one at the Pine, so as to help the rer class of people who had no houses of their own. Told that the increasing of rents was probably due to abolition of the Occupancy Tax and the sub- stitution of Ownership Tax, she agreed that the Vestries had to raise their funds from some source but said that did not help her any more as far as her budget was concerned.

Landlords are taking advantage of the position, he said; and they are increasing rents out of proportion to what they will have to pay as ownership tax.

The latest news reaching here about the Canadian Constructor, which went aground off Grenada is that its sister ship Canadian Cruiser, which left Trinidad a few days ago for Montreal, is on its way back to Grenada to assist in refloating the Constructor. Harkness, C. He said that a good deal of valuable work has already been done and in some areas, quite successful results have been ob- tained im controlling the disease. Harkness has just returned from Jamaica after conferring with Mr.

Symes, O. Muirhead Thompson and the Director of Medical Services on matters relating to the future planning of malaria control. He said that the malaria areas differed so much in character, the special methods had to be worked out for each area, In view of the problems which confronted the country. Harkness said that Mr Symes and a colleague of his. Hadaway, were the officers who initiated the first experiment in the control of malaria by resi dual spraying of houses in British Guiana with D.

In Addition In addition to that, Dr. Harkness said that he saw very excellent work at Caymanus Estates near Kingston where large areas of mango swamp have been reclaimed and turned into pasture lands for cattle and later will be suitable for planting sugar cane.

The result of this work is that ma aria is much less prevalent in this area, a The Frome Estates with their own medical officers and with the co-operation of the medical de- partment officers are also carrying out malaria contro! It is hoped that with the advice of Mr. Symes and the researches of Dr. Muirhead Thompson, the most economial and effective measures will be found for the future control of malaria in the islanfl which in certain parts of the country, is a very serious economic problem.

Minimum charge will be as for 5 words per telegram. Corporation and commercial anc Trinidad Port of Anglo-American cables. Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Antigua, St. Kitts 8d. Great Britain and i Northern Ireland 1 9 d. Canada V. Not admitted in terminal relations with U. S possessions. One class of Letter Telegrams at half ofdinary rates subject to a minimum charge as for 22 words per telegram. The delivery of this class of traffic will be made at 8 a.

Crowe's contract with Gov- ernment as Architect comes to an end shortly and he wily be re- turning to the United Kingdom He served on the Housing Board in an advisory capacity.

Beckles said he wished it to go on record that-they greatly appreciated his ever readiness to help. He would assure Mr, Crowe that they would miss him for his geniality in the way in which he explained everything. The confi- dence the Board always had about his decisions was of the highest.

Crowe was leaving at such a time, when things were not as smooth as they could be, but it was inevitable that such would happen in a place like Barbados. Barbados had three centuries of traditional criticism of outsiders to overcome The fact that he had been criti- cised showed that he had been do- ing something and there would al- Ways be that tendency of the Barbadian to consider themselves as experts on every subject.

He thought that when Mr Crowe looked back upon his ser- vices in the island he would have nothing of which to be ashamed. Be guided A wise mother lets baby decide about the milk for bottle feeds.

Mesh 16 ft. White Park Road, St. To Tory M. Polly, the old sailors Wavertree, who presented the stud W. Jacobs, or the aimless. But take away Big Game and iristoc the stud would be just another They speak to us out of an era efiterprise losing tax-pay- hich has passed, and to-day the orev laughter is harsher. Burrell repliec e arepounds are equipped with fluor rewarding task. Such labels as owners have for years sotiati "i r " sae 3 S negotiating for three more escent lighting that pregnant 1S - : Rie Be.

Se See Sere tomate stallions. Best of these will bemares find soothing. How, for 3, guineas each when auctioned As the time apreaches when a mare is about to present the Tenerani has been leased. H igi e mo iag s pretty well suineas, delicate pastel shades exposed the anomalies of her just that The Gillingham iJ hougis legal system.

S Jebratee Veterinary eperas i cent. The British vably x i an! That colt "eve! Pin, The reo te eee they appreciate the same jokes, even if tne joke is CPInoar For eighteen years a lugubrious, cat-loving writer with the name of mainder goes to the Treasury. Cattle are retained at the stud High Standards Kred for Speed Big Game receives visits each to keep down the grass to the ot ent eda uate.

To- by a committee. They have said that more of the profits should be spent on addi- with its rare status as the only in France. There, out of 7, easy one! These, say the nationalised Aghia Teodoti Orchestra - Ten different ways to fly (CD) that foals born, 6, have been bred to stay more than one and a half In the world of radio-writing, miles.

Foaling boxes in brick building built at a cost of thousands of L. Ted Kavanagh, writer of the B. Family were regular listen- ers to the programme, and how, even in occupied countries, people would listen in secfet to the ab- Surdities of the late Tommy Hand- ley, parodying everything from the wartime Ministries to the drinking habits of retired colonels.

A sense of humour is something which everyone in the United Kingdom claims as his birthright. True, there are many ex- ceptions to this rule, and the Englishman particularly when embarrassed or on his dignity can be as unfunny as anyone.

But later on, he will quite likely be found telling the joke against himself. InPunch be- gan to print a series of articles on the history of the United King- dom in which two schoolmasters set down all the worst cliches of the history text-book as they might be recalled by the average adult. The book And All That enjoyed an enormous success and it is still impossible for most of us to look seriously at the school text-book again.

Soon after, the sombre country hovels of the Thomas Hardy school were pil- loried in one of the most be- witching parodies of all time, Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons. Every aspect of British life, legal, parliamentary, social, and sport- ing, became a target for the paro- dists, and yet the originals were not despised British humorists are like generals who apparently fight remorseless campaign of ridicule, only to end the day by having dinner with the defeated opponent, and paying the bill, Even cricket, that sacred game, is a stock subject of amusement, and the finest contemporary perhaps work of humour, land the shrewd observations of a Scot contains a description of a village cricket match that will be- come immortal.

It was G. Chester- ton who first called attention to this discovery, and Alice in Won- derland and the verses of Edward Lear were its first pattern. But as J. It combines, im a new way. Those who study the lighter columns and cartoons in British newspapers and magazines will find the young generation of humorists ymrepentant in their attitude to accepted tradition.

Its malty-sweet flavour is so pleasant toe. Get a bottle from your he accepts with pleasure. Yet he used chemist today. NEW peauty WA the greatest ever devised. Spec wand non. Disabled technicians had built it in their spare time. Police Sympathise The marchers were not held up by traffic.

Crutches Set The Pace They had paraded slowly along the boulevards to the opera house, at a pace set by those leading on crutches, and those with only one leg. Barges cor- rectly documented were being allowed through.

The Western move, which fol- lowed the six weeks old delay to West-bound interzonal barge traf- fic at the Soviet Zone frontier check point on the Elbe, was the subject of a letter of protest from Soviet Control Commission repre- sentative in Berlin to British commandant Major-General G.

Bourne, who is. Van Niekerk. The Senate had recorded 18 votes for and 18 votes against the measure. Dis- trict met at the Y. The children displayed the use of camouflage, observation, deduc- tion and tact; four qualities toward which our training leads. Coa Alleyne, and members of the var- ious Crews. The Secretary of the Crew has been instructed to summon the Steerage Committee to a specially convened meeting on Tuesday 27th June at 6 p.

Paris papers to-day confidently stated that year-old Jules Demay, Resistance and North Africa campaign hero, will go to the guillotine because of his an- swers in his present trial here for five murders.

Demay Croix de Guerre, mentions in despatches that he killed his sister and two of his associates but said he did not remember having killed the Concierge of the Paris house where he lived, or a police inspec- tor. They put my nose in blood and I got the taste for it. I do not pretend to be a patriot. Barnwell, A. Harrison, K. Pile, and C, A. Worrell in gaining the Wood Badge. Why which had not be Queen of Hearts to-night!

There is no cattle the island, but the animals is poor, dry weather. Sockets Sets Hacksaws Sparton Horns. For prompt and skilled lubrication drive your Fordson vehicle in to us. We are your Fordson specialists, and do Aghia Teodoti Orchestra - Ten different ways to fly (CD) job thoroughly at low fixed prices.

Let us also tell you all about the latest Thames Trucks with their big bodies, roomy all-steel cabs, semi-forward control, etc.

You will be as enthusiastic as we are about them. Polaroid Sun Visors. Open End Spanners. Screw Drivers. From Lorraine came Joan, Maid of Orleans. Communists taunt him with it. His defence is that within Schuman and the plan he evolved months of leaving Petain he was with M.

Jean Monnet. France's in the hands of the Gestapo chief planning Commissioner. A humour- not arguments. Around him the French Con- cept a German taste for a pipe servatives rally, prickly sensitive and a glass of beer. And there are to criticism Their Press turns those who deny that he has even angrily on Aghia Teodoti Orchestra - Ten different ways to fly (CD) opponents of their this weakness.

He is acting in the interests of his countrymen. But he would be the first to admit the German influ- ence on his early life.

His family was an old one in Lorraine. He was elected deputy for his district and has been re-elected ever since. The official world record is Attlesey has already a claim for a world record of Hore, for example, is how and why Innoxa restores freshness and charm to a skin dried and lined by the climate.

They will protect your skin and remain beautifully matt all day. Thomas 2 Wins Spoon Shoot Mr. Martin came second with Bancroft with Thomas Capt. Jordan Mr. C, Cumberbatch G. Martin K. Yearwood E. They are all needed to intensify their propaganda campaign in the rural areas. His only light amusement is a startl one. He has a taste for gangs films that sets oddly with his passionate academic interest in books, He has a colleetion of over 8, rare and valuable volumes in the old family house at Chazelles in Lorraine.

She has been with him for over 40 years, and she looks after him tenderly When he visits Chazelles. Wifeless Life That is his time for relaxation He rises at eight instead of his more customary 6. He comes down to a light breakfast, before which he al- ways kisses the wrinkled cheek of old Marie, and then buries him- self in his books This platonic buss is probably the only intimacy which Schuman has permitted himself in his wife- less life. He has declared that he has never been in danger of mar- riage.

To the ne French that is perhaps t unpardonable fault L, E. Spierenburg plans to stay in Paris for the time being. June Professor Trofim Lysenko, So- viet agricultural scientist whose senctic theories have aroused world-wide controversy, has been awarded the Soviet Academy of Sciences Ilya Mecznikov Gold Medal foraccording to a Tass Soviet News Agencymes- age received in London to-day Lysenko who is President of the Soviet Academy of Agricul- tural Sciences, claims that fac- tors hitherto thought to be heredi- tary can be artificially condition- ed and controlled Wm.

The girls wear only a short white sarong of homespun cloth. They are: believ: be sur- vivors of a pur Viicronesian strain, untainted by contact with other native races They live lives of extreme langour Indust art are non-existent, But there is death this Sout! Seas paradise, where tuberculos! He fled this equatorial paradise j swamp taro. It shows no ns of deeay outside, but inside is a crumbling ruin.

The islanders, superstitious, shun the place as haunted. No Inhabitants One of the islands once sup- ported 60 inhabitants. That is his canoe Women are not allow to enter the enclosure where a canoe is being built. They may not board i canoe making its first trip. They ire excluded altogether from the large sea-going types of canoe. Canonised ping their hands or waving ,hand- erchiets and scarves, The long procession.

Here Pope Pius mounted the Papai throne while the people, stretching half a mile before him, fel] silent. With your very first shampoo, Halo brings out shim- mering highlights.

The reason? American women have proved only Halo gives hair such natural radiance. Drop one or two tablets in a glass of water. ALL D! But a certain amount of spent oil and deposit will remain. Sooty and gummy deposits on pistons and other moving parts are washed away; oilways are cleared. V loved one, MRS. As St. Now available for Rent. SO Ame. Gin Sept. Piel Te. Archer Mc alo. A com- bin and Duncan Maughn friend6 Contents aay be purchased by approved manth of at 8 p.

It is hood of land. JREN A. Philip Coast, fully fur- 5. Speaker: - ae M. Apply to Mrs. Dial: Speaker: Mt. Burrowes, Labour!

Price reasonable. Six Acres attached. Apply, C. On Tuesday 27th by order of Mrs. Modern Gon. Apply: Miss K. Dial Wooden Washstands, Sewing Machine, sold unfurnished if desired A da. BEARD x ' fon very little used. Apply J. Ltd and Silver. Well placed 6 i Terms Cash. Hercules Silver King, on terms, [and to match Your ensemble. Option 6 or Bp. BY instructions received from the Exe- Dial Owner must sell. Gorringes Antique Shop. Apply: D. Drayton Agent. I will offer the ty Enterprise, Christ Chureh.

Apply Clifton Terrace, Upper consisting of 1 house 19 ft. Telephone One ful tone. Apply Box 33] Prices. William Fogarty Ltd. An Estate Priced to sell at very low figure. Gorringes Antique Sho 6. Fo Broad Tua eon rs eomrer: One 68 bas age hie Almshouse st 5 emty of Ww, H. Hastings Hotel Lid. Stone built 2 bedroomed bunga- 4 fi ni Ellangowan, not, later than. A Pagabie Wholem Liquor Business in veuniting. Book De! H, Wilkinson, airman. Hotell Hotels! I] BRE comerste bots. Mortgages Arramaed.

Melic SOLD ae with ood screag land. An attractive property ae Marine Gardens. Moder plications treated as confidential. Apply in writing to T. Wilkinson, Chairman, Chelsea Garage Ltd. Real Brave t. Holder, Padmore Bay Street, Opp. Combermere St. Michae], Nr. Villa House, Excellent Dairy site. Apply C. Phone and BEM ein. Dial BAY 8. Far- Programme Parade, 8.

D'Ortac, Tire New Timothy Li nw H Vansluytman, M. V Lady Joy, von Forum, 1. The News, 2. Variety Bandbox, 3. Laxilie M. Smith, 74 tons net, p. Interlude, p. Seale, from British Guiana, Aghia Teodoti Orchestra - Ten different ways to fly (CD). Players, 4. In a fun and symphonic talk, acclaimed orchestra conductor Sergio Feferovich showcases the ways in which music can introduce ideas that reach far beyond the notes composed.

Viral beatboxer Tom Thum has an orchestra in his mouth, but how does he make all those sounds? Get an up-close-and-personal look as laryngeal surgeon Matthew Broadhurst sticks a camera down Thum's throat while he creates a mind-boggling array of noises. This hilarious, somewhat stomach-churning talk and performance is not for the squeamish! An orchestra fills an opera house with music, but a singer's voice soars above the instruments.

Its melody rings out across thousands of patrons— all without any assistance from a microphone. How is it possible that a single voice can be heard so clearly?

The answer lies in the physics of the human voice. Ming Luke explains the carefully honed t Jason Webb is a writer, musical director, arranger, orchestrator, lecturer and a lover of music. But her larger vision is to bring classical music to the masses. We've heard that bees are disappearing. But what is making bee colonies so vulnerable? Photographer Anand Varma raised bees in his backyard — in front of a camera — to get an up close view. This project, for National Geographic, gives a lyrical glimpse into a beehive, and reveals one of the biggest threats to its health, a mite that preys on bab Matt Russo is an astrophysicist and musician who translates the rhythm and harmony of the cosmos into music and sound.

Both a musician and a computer scientist, Ge Wang turns ordinary MacBooks and iPhones into complex instruments. Conductor Michael Tilson Thomas call him MTT is an all-around music educator -- connecting with global audiences, young musicians and concertgoers in San Francisco and London. The TED Prize winner's bold idea has seeded hundreds of youth orchestras -- and many happy lives.

TEDx events unleash fresh ideas from local communities. Close to 50, talks have been given at 10, events since the program launched in Below, the 10 most-watched TEDx talks posted to our homepage. What do you want to be when you grow up? These speakers have staked out the coolest careers — some you probably never knew existed.

Dessa is an internationally touring rapper, singer and writer who built a career by defying genre conventions and audience expectations.


Piccola Vedetta Lombarda - Franco Piersanti - Cuore (CD), Finding My Way Intro - Rush - A Passage To Syrinx (Vinyl, LP), Music Take Control (Speed Mix) - Elektrofunk - Music Take Control (Vinyl), Ill Be There - RyanDan - RyanDan (CD, Album), Cristina Maria - Various - Fast Forward Estrenos Fall 98 (CD), Aber Am Abend Da Spielt Der Zigeuner - Various - Die Großen Schlager (28 Hits Des Jahres) (Vinyl, LP, Kellot Soi - Juha Eirto - Juha Eirto Laulaa (Vinyl), Riot In The Dungeons - Yngwie J. Malmsteens Rising Force - Odyssey (CD, Album), Loves A Jailer - Various - Love Songs (CD)


  1. Pier Francesco Cavalli*, Anna Maria Vallin, Wanda Madonna, Giorgio Tadeo, Coro Polifonico di Milano, Giulio Bertola, Orchestra Dell'Angelicum Di Milano, Umberto Cattin* - Messa Concertata ‎ (CD, Album, RE) Sarx Records (2) SXAM Italy: Sell This Version.
  2. Nel Con lo pseudonimo Aghia teodoti orchestra produco da solista due dischi: “Music soundtrack for poems and dance” e “Ten different ways to fly”.
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  6. Mar 22,  · Sean O'Bolye's Concerto for Didgeridoo and Orchestra performed by Hal Kacanek and the Concord Chamber Orchestra.
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